AGAIN: Ukrainian Airlines Profiles Jewish Passengers; Makes Them Pay For Hand Luggage That Fits [SEE THE VIDEOS]


A Ukrainian Airlines flight packed with Jews heading from JFK Airport to Tel Aviv for Sukkos came under “Jewish profiling” on Thursday.

Flight PS777 took off in JFK, and had a stopover in Ukraine. This is where this disturbing incident took place.

Multiple passengers that YWN spoke with, along with the attached footage shows that nearly every Jewish passenger was forced to place their hand luggage into a case to see if it fit. Despite that nearly every person’s bag fit perfectly, they were all charged $150 extra to be allowed take their bag on the plane with them.

The passengers say that only Jews were asked to put their hand luggage into the case to see the size.

Another passenger told YWN that a nice woman working at the check in desk in JFK warned her that when she got to Ukraine this would happen as they “try to make money off you people”. Sure enough, this is exactly what happened.

This is not the first incident that YWN published regarding Ukrainian Airlines.

In May 2019, we reported about Orthodox Jewish passengers on a Ukrainian flight from Tel Aviv to JFK, with a brief stop in Kiev. As the passengers were about to board the plane in Tel Aviv, Ukrainian Airlines personnel began making everyone place their hand luggage into a box to measure the size. Strangely, their luggage all fit, but were told they can not take it on the plane with them. Instead, they were given a “green sticker” with no tracking number on it.

Read that story here.

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Video for YWN via @ceejayslens Instagram.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. i flew aroflop and they tried it on me same thing i fit
    so i grabbed another passengers (Goyish) bag and put it in the cube and it did not fit BTW i was the only blackHat on the flight so i was targeted and after what i did they let everyone go

  2. Boycott.

    Let their flights to and from Israel be empty of Jewish passengers. They will either change their policy – practice, or they will need to eliminate their flights to be taken up by someone with a moral backbone.

  3. This is a warning that it may be worth it to spend the extra few hundred dollars more to fly on a direct flight from JFK TO Tel Aviv because you will end up not saving any money as these Anti Semites will charge you extra wherever they stop over.

  4. we are in galus.
    in the olden days they would tax the jewish communities with extra taxes and throw people in the pits.
    today its charging us extra money on made up baggage fees and the list goes on….

    we should boycott air ukraine plain and simple.

  5. So do we blame this on the Trumkopf, Uncle Rudy, Sleepy Joe or the ghost of Rav Nachman? I would nominate the latter since 70,000 yidden are not flying to Ukraine to invest in the natural gas business

  6. Why is this newsworthy? Rav Nachman wanted to be buried in Uman as a tikun for the 20,000 neshamos that were killed by the Ukrainian cossack leader Maksym Zalizniak in 1768. Hatred of Yidden is in the blood of Ukrainians. So we now have democracy and everyone thinks that old hatred washes away with Uman gelt? Are the readers of Yeshiva World that naive? Anyone who has ever been to Ukraine will look at this article and say, “Duh”. We should only be so lucky that is was genaivah. Again, why is this a newsworthy story?

  7. I have long felt that I wont’s spend my jewish money on polish, russian or ukrainian countries. They should boycott these airlines. Hit them where they will feel it. They can’t push Jewish people around like that any more.

  8. We had this in the summer. The standard carry on was accepted in jfk, but when they transfered it in Ukraine the charged for oversize. I tried filing a complaint but never heard back from them.
    Someone should file a lawsuit.

  9. Ukraine, even with a Jewish PM, is still a very antisemitic country alongside with Poland and a few others. I can never understand why people fly their airlines, and worse are those Jews who go their to tour……

  10. We are in galus
    We should play victim and feel sorry for ourselves. We must kiss up to political system just because they are silent and Chalilla won’t want to make the mad.
    Why ruffle feathers and boycott?
    Why should we yidden get together just as we did ElAl and raise hell? Chalilla!!! If I can get away myself why get involved? With Jews I can fight. In shul I can talk because my yamaka is big black velvet. I am Frum. I am for myself. I don’t care about Anti Semetisim.

  11. This is a repeat story from last year. The only difference was that last year the story mentioned that they stole items from their baggage.

    Fly El AL support the JEWISH state, not some goyim.

  12. IMPORTANT: If every passenger that was charged is able to dispute the transaction, this will cause extremely serious financial difficulties to the airline, as those of us who are sellers will know that a sudden rise in card transaction dispute rate (usually above 0.75% for a specific period) usually leads to a denial of service by the payment gateway, putting the entire business in jeopardy. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, the reason for the dispute or how small the charge. All it needs is for many such claims to be made at the same time. It is a merchant’s worst nightmare. Please ask anyone you know to file a dispute.