WATCH THIS: Satmar Yerushalayim Places Chip In Seforim To Prevent People From Walking Out With Them


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The Satmar Bais Medrash in Yerushalayim has placed a chip inside every Sefer in the building. Watch the attached video to see what happens if you try walking out with it.

The device is turned off for Shabbos.

Video with permission via @moshe_nayes.

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  1. misleading headline , this is a video showing a test of an idea to be marketed u can see the detector is not installed just being held by blocks , shul is empty….

  2. So this is the difference between Satmar and Chabad: Chabad probably wants people to take the seforim, so they will read and learn them. Satmar treat you like a shoplifter.

  3. Will the Gabboim stand guard by the detector to give a potch to any yungerman who tries to walk out with a sefer?? Otherwise, it means that anyone who really wants to take home his gemorah will simply wait to Shabbos and walk out the door with no musical acompament.

  4. Why does it have to be turned off on shabbos? If he took the sefer out by accident, it’s ones that the alarm goes off. And if he stole it on purpose, he’s a ganav, are we mechuyav to make sure that he’s not mechallel shabbos?

  5. Why shut the device on shabbos?
    If a person isn’t a gonif, which is also an issur d’oraisa, there isn’t a problem. If he sets it off, he has only himself to blame.

    To Huju; Taking a sefer is stealing and if you learn in a stolen sefer your leaning has no value as it’s mitzva haba b’aveira.
    Also if a person takes a sefer, the next person can’t use it. No V’ahavta l’reiacha here.

  6. hmmmmm, interesting that people take out the books and do NOT return them to the point that it is necessary to put chips in.
    Also Sam Klein, doesn’t seem to know halacha. The device does NOT make the books muktza. Learn halacha before you spout it….

  7. Sam: That is the point that huju was making. Satmer want to discourage anyone from taking a sefer off the shelves to study at home or anywhere outside the beis medrash. The chip alone will make it muktza and deter “seforim theft” on Shabbos when the alarm is turned off. This assumes of course that the yungerleit will be deterred by halachos governing muktza on Shabbos and subsequent issur on carrying the sefer in areas not covered by a kosher eruv.