Charedi Pair Stranded in Desert Without Water Requires Emergency Rescue in Nachal Og


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Less than one day after they were dispatched to rescue Yerachmiel Yishayahu Brecher (z”l) who R”L died while hiking on Tuesday, the Megillot rescue team was called out once again. This time their mission was to rescue two young hikers who went hiking in the desert who lost their way.

The two hikers, had hats and water, but after losing their way, they ran out of water somewhere in Nachal Og.

This instance ended with good news as the Search and Rescue Unit was able to locate the [] by using a drone. Once they were located, the volunteers from the unit reached their location, gave them water, and brought them out of the hiking trail and back to civilization. The hikers were in good condition.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)