Mayor DeBlasio, Enough Tweets: It’s Time For Action On Out Of Control Anti-Semitic Attacks!


Just as YWN predicted, Mayor DeBlasio finally tweeted about the recent string of hate crimes against Hasidic Jews in Boro Park. Only this time, it took him four days to do so. Ironically the tweet came just after DeBlasio’s twitter war with Donald Trump about the direction of NYC, with The Mayor attempting to refute accusations of severe decline by the President. Caught in the political crossfire is Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish Community who are reeling yet again from more bias attacks. The Mayor’s tweet this morning included the now familiar boilerplate language:

“Anti-Semitism has no place in this city,” Deblasio tweeted.

“@NYPDHateCrimes is investigating these despicable acts. If you have any information please contact them IMMEDIATELY. I’ve directed the NYPD to deploy additional resources in the community throughout the weekend.”

While it is commendable that the NYPD will be placing extra resources around Boro park, it should be noted that it was Boro Park Shomrim that retrieved the security camera footage that Police are working with. And yes it was the same Shomrim with assistance from ordinary citizens that secured the license plate number that the NYPD Detectives are now working with as well.

We deliberately highlight the excellent & selfless work of Boro Park Shomrim because many residents are growing frustrated that only Shomrim are taking their calls & concerns seriously & not the NYPD.

This feeling of helplessness has been exacerbated by the fact that even in the rare case that a hate crime suspect is actually arrested, more and more people are losing confidence that any meaningful prosecution will ultimately materialize. This is a dangerous development that demands a change in strategy & response by the NYPD & Brooklyn DA’s office. Change comes from the top, so again we ask where are you Mr. Mayor?

We have asked this question before, and will ask it again:

We would like Mayor DeBlasio to list the last 100 hate crimes against Jews in NYC, and then tell us how many arrests were made, and of those arrested, how many were actually given a jail sentence?

We know the answer.


In fact, last year, an elderly Hasidic man was brutally beaten – in a totally unprovoked attack – by a Muslim taxi driver early one morning on 13th Avenue in Boro Park. Guess how much jail time he got so far? Nothing. Guess how much time he will likely get? Nothing.

While we certainly appreciate the Mayors sentiments & public solidarity, we have also grown weary of the meaningless tweets. They accomplishment little more than a check of a box. We demand more. We need more.

And while while we sincerely appreciate the men and women in blue, we have also exhausted our patience at the deep rooted failures of the NYC justice system. The lack of proactive protection by the NYPD & the revolving door for criminals has become intolerable.
Is it time to call in the Federal Government to send in the FBI and bypass the NYPD and start making arrests themselves? Federal hate crime penalties are far more serious than the revolving door of the Brooklyn court system. We see the writing on the wall and say yes the time has come.

Speaking of local officials, where is State Attorney General Letitia James who was strongly supported by the Jewish community of Brooklyn? Where is Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez who enjoys the same communal support. The dereliction of duty of our elected officials has put us in a very dangerous place. We have had enough promises and vows. The justice system in its entirety is failing us. We see it. Do they?

We know that if an arrest is made in the latest attack in Boro Park, there is a good chance the suspect(s) will be given free Mets tickets, a gift card to Dunkin Doughnuts and other goodies. Think this is a joke? It’s not. Read this YWN story and be sick.

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  1. What exactly is Deblassio supposed to do? I believe Jews should learn self-defense and knock the sense out of our attackers. We should stop relying on everyone stand up for us, cause nobody cares and if anyone does it doesn’t mean they could do something about it.

    Let’s stand up for ourselves instead of kvetching that others should stand up for us.

  2. Where are our councilmen? Simcha Felder? Eichenstein? Yager? What exactly do you want Mr. Mayer who is constantly “out for lunch” todo for our community?

  3. Hizhonor fails to accomplish what Trump does with his tweets. If a bit inane, compulsive, and almost immediate, they are at least entertaining. And what ever Trump tries to do but fails, it is because he gets stopped, not because he prioritized leisure activity.