2,000 Frustrated Lakewood Residents Sign Petition At Verizon Over Horrible Service


Verizon Wireless customers in Lakewood and surrounding areas have been experiencing severe issues with cellphone coverage. Hundreds of residents have complained that they are unable to make phone calls and that their calls drop unexpectedly. Text messages often don’t go through and mobile data barely works, if at all. These problems are present even when customers are on ground level and near cell towers.

After receiving dozens of complaints from local Verizon customers, The Lakewood Scoop ran multiple reports on the lack of service in Lakewood. The mayor of Lakewood, Ray Coles, reached out to Verizon via letter, who promised him that upgrades to the network in the Lakewood area would be made in the near future.

Months after receiving that promise, residents are still waiting.

A petition was started, and as of this posting, nearly 2,000 Lakewood residents signed.

In the petition it states “It is time that we demand that Verizon Wireless either make the necessary upgrades to their network in Lakewood or provide refunds to all its Lakewood customers. It is unacceptable that we, hard-working, paying customers of a company that touts itself as the best mobile carrier in the United States, are being subjected to stonewalling and false promises from the company. If changes are not made very soon, complaints should be made to the FCC, and we should all simply drop Verizon and move, en masse, to other mobile carriers. It is time for Verizon to make changes. Enough is enough.”


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. If the service is so poor, the ehrliche yidden of Lakewood have at least 2 or 3 other cellular network options (depending where they live). The fact that they haven’t voted with their feet and threatening to complain to the FCC means that service can’t be that bad. There are certain areas where the topographic configuration and tree canopy may create service issues for ALL carriers. If the problem is the need for new towers and repeater stations, it could be months or years before service will improve.

  2. Verizon said it a million times old phone are not compatible with their system if you want good service upgrade your phone. I have a iPhone 8 and never had a problem (aside from 2 months ago when the system was down for 2 days) my wife has an iPhone 7 never had a problem if you have a new 4G phone and have problems by all means comment below. Me thinks it’s the old phones because if it was happening with new phones they would have 50,000 signatures

  3. Er, have these 2000 gentlemen heard of something in America called competition? Any or all of them can easily and quickly change to another provider. They have multiple choices.

  4. i have a 4g phone but i was told by verizon that the reason for the bad service is because their towers are getting messed up because people still have 3g… they said lkwd has a high volume of 3g users and their towers cant support it

  5. I’ve got two 4g/lte postpaid verison phones, and I’m affected by this problem. Nothing to do with 3g.
    If the fcc doesn’t get involved, nothing will change.