MUST WATCH: Heartwarming & Emotional Video of Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway Honoring Lifelong Security Guard


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At a time when security and safety is at the forefront of conversations and consciousness in the Jewish community, a special moment occurred at the Yeshiva Darchei Torah dinner in Far Rockaway this week, making waves well beyond the yeshiva neighborhood. Early in the dinner program, Rabbi Yaakov Bender, Rosh HaYeshiva of Darchei Torah, approached the podium and made a surprise award presentation to Mr. Everett Fortune, the Yeshiva’s veteran chief of security.

Mr. Fortune, who is not Jewish, has over the last 30 years earned the trust and friendship of the Yeshiva’s students, staff, and parent body as he has devotedly overseen its growing security needs. Visibly surprised and moved, Mr. Fortune was at a loss for words. Recounting his recent extended illness, which required hospitalization and an array of treatments and care, Mr. Fortune thanked Rabbi Yaakov Bender; the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shlomo Avigdor Altusky; as well as Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender, the founder and president of the Achiezer Community Resource Center for their ongoing help and support.

Mr. Fortune also recounted that when visited by Darchei bachurim during his hospital stay, he was presented with a bracelet emblazoned with the phrase ‘Thank You, Hashem.’

He displayed it for all to see and declared, “I don’t leave home without it!”

ALSO: Watch the chinuch address delivered by Rav Yaakov Bender and other segments of the inspiring and engaging program:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This past shabbos my son was telling us” Everett would take a bullet for the boys and Rabbi Bender”. He is an amazing person who really cares for the kids. We are lucky to have him

  2. Everett is truly an amazing person. I remember when I was in the yeshiva, he used to come to the dormitory to wake us up for davening every morning. He always did it with a smile and a joke.
    I only remember a couple of times where we actually witnessed a danger to the kids, and seeing the way he reacted showed just how much he cared for all of us.
    He is truly a mentch!