HATE: 3 Black Thugs Harass Jewish Girl On Manhattan Subway; “You People Vote For Trump”


A 19-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl was the latest victim of an anti-Semitic incident in New York, and once again, the suspects were members of the black community – not Trump supporters as NY elected officials continue to blame.

According to BoroPark24, the incident occurred on a packed F train in Manhattan, and the vicious abuse lasted nearly 10 minutes. What might be as bad as the actual incident – or maybe even worse – was the fact that only one person came to her aid and sat down next to her.

Among the expletives & obscenities hurled at the Midwood resident was “you people vote for Trump” and “I would hurt you but you people go straight to the police”.

The NYPD is investigating the incident.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This went on for ten minutes with tons of smartphones around and not one goy cared to pull out his cell phone to document the abuse and show it to the cops. Appalling.

  2. Building ostentatious homes causes Sinah we are in golus. having a lot of money is not a Sibah to build a reizigeh house so everybody goes wow… we all know loads of Gevirim that have very reasonably sized homes. This showboating contributes to the jealousy/ sinah.

  3. Stop all unnecessary construction, you dont need the big fancy houses and shiny cars. How long does the good feeling last anyhow? What happened to us here in America? We live like kings but we are not kings. We need to start focusing on real things, real ideas, real friends, real realities, not all the junk we are involving ourselves with. It’s time.

  4. Can’t really blame others for not videoing. Nobody wants to start up with the thugs.

    But this is why we have to vote Republican. Anti-Semitism is coming from Democrats.
    And this insane no bail law is encouraging this lawlessness!

  5. ibj hold the correct answer,,,,,,10 minutes and no evidence…no assistance but one…shame….sitting in Israel is the best move made…..no home large enough no man black enough in heart and soul to determine the fate of a jew__never…..

  6. All of you need to carry either mace or pepper spray at the very least. Nobody is going to help you and this won’t stop unless you fight back. Guys, it goes to show, if a woman starts in with you, belt her in the face. Ladies, if guys start with you, pepper spray or kick him hard in the groin. Black is nothing but a color. Stop being scared!!

  7. rashir- that’s about the worst advice I’ve ever heard someone give .
    A little 19-year-old girl Fumbling for her pepper spray will get walloped in two seconds from a hulking thug and make things far far worse
    Not to mention getting clobbered by an angry sista while she’s fumbling for her pepper spray
    For a 19-year-old girl the correct way was exactly how she handled it

  8. @Hymish – so being passive and a wussy is working out so well for you? There are ways to learn to use the mace wisely. Your attitude will only get you an a..kicking. You should quit complaining then and just take it since it’s the right thing to do, genius.

  9. When are Mayor Deblastoff and his angry wife gonna call out the culprits in almost every one of these crimes—the black community. Instead he’s busy tweeting about national bagel day on his way to the park slope gym in his environmentally unfriendly SUV.

  10. Oy! Teenagers said “Not Nice” things to a Jew! Call in the National Guard. Assign 50 Detectives to the case.
    Find these people and lock them up for life. We can’t have people saying “Not Nice” things to Jews!

  11. Did they vote for Obama and the Democrats? Didn’t he have a campaign to “Stop Bullying”? Obviously Obama wasn’t a good role model as these creeps know nothing except to demean society by yelling at people they don’t know in public and causing a scene.
    Nov. 16 was the best month I ever had. So many sad faces in public. Let’s hope these thugs are right and there are more Trump voters this time.