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WATCH: Minyan On Netanyahu’s Flight To The US For Unveiling Of “Deal Of The Century”

As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu flew to the United States on Sunday for the unveiling of Trump’s “Deal of the Century,” frum political figures and journalists formed a minyan to daven Maariv, making sure to include a tefillah for Middle Eastern peace.

The minyan included US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, head of the National Security Council Meir Ben-Shabbat, military secretary Avi Blot, journalists and other frum people on the flight.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh on Monday denounced the long-anticipated Trump administration peace proposal ahead of its unveiling this week, saying it “doesn’t constitute a basis for resolving the conflict.”

Shtayyeh said the plan violates international law and “comes from a party that has lost its credibility to be an honest broker in a serious and genuine political process.”

The Palestinians have not yet seen the plan but have already rejected it, saying the Trump administration is biased in support of the Israelis.

A Palestinian official said that President Mahmoud Abbas has rejected overtures from mediators in recent weeks to arrange a phone call with Trump. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was discussing a classified diplomatic issue.

Trump and Netanyahu are slated to meet Tuesday to discuss the much-vaunted “Deal of the Century.” The White House invited the Israeli prime minister and his main opponent, Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz, to Washington on Monday to announce the plan just weeks before Israel’s third parliamentary election in under a year.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. I sure hope that they were not davening maariv since it seems as though there is bright light shining through two windows on the plane. Maybe mincha?
    As an aside, why would it hurt Netanyahu to join them? After all his success at the white house comes form the one above.

  2. groise gaon – “I sure hope that they were not davening maariv since it seems as though there is bright light shining through two windows on the plane.”

    I guess you never heard of davening an early maariv (hint: most shuls have an early kabolosshabbos/maariv in the summer. To paraphrase your words: As an aside, why would it hurt you to join a Friday night minyan in the summer? After all you seem worried about others joining a minyan. But…ah, Chazal taught us, kol haposel b’mumo posel).

    Amazing how a person relishes to criticize the observance of others (on davening with a minyan – which is not a d’oraysa or even a d’rabonon) while the critic himself being oiver on multiple issurim (including d’oraysa)!

    Not to mention, that he “knows” that Netanyahu did not join – because he doesn’t see him in this picture, as if the picture captures every single attendee. Sure, a critic might made pilpulim that if the PM did attend, he would be in front center of the pic and for sure he did not finish Amida early and go take a call or…No siree, must not think well of other Yidden. The pic is “solid” evidence…not! Chazal taught: Lo ro’eenu aino raya.

    But this is all l’shitoso – the critic’s shita (or l’shituso – the critic’s shtus): Criticize maariv when it “seems” to be light outside (- clearly not certain, but enough to raise the suspicion of the critic to find fault) , assume the worst, they are davening maariv before “the zman” which is…duh, ok?! And then, the PM isn’t seen in pic, so it “must” be that he didn’t join, maybe because he is a “kofer”, denies that “his success at the white house comes form the one above.”

    Is there even one word in groise gaon’s comment that is worthy of emanating from a a frum yid?!

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