Kollel Yungerman Awarded 300,000 NIS In Damages After Being Hit By A Car On His Way To Learn


Last year, towards the beginning of 2019, Reuven, an avreich in a Kollel in Yerushalayim was run over by a car on his way to learn near the Belzer Yeshiva.

While he was crossing the street in a crosswalk, a car traveling at high speed hit him and injured him. Reuven was treated for his injuries at the scene and then taken to Share Zedek Hospital where he was hospitalized in the orthopedic surgical ward. After several tests, Reuven was found to have a broken finger and a torn ligament in his shoulder. He underwent surgery and began rehabilitation treatments that involved physiotherapy. Two months later, Reuven was able to return to his studies while maintaining a strenuous medical routine and visiting medical experts.

Reuven has decided to exercise his rights as pertaining to remuneration for car accident victims and hired a lawyer to assist him in doing so. Attorney Daniel Sarid agreed to take on Reuven’s case and submitted a legal claim against the insurance company of the responsible driver. The company agreed to settle out of court and paid Reuven 300,000 NIS in a one-time payment.

“The killing on the roads must end,” Reuven said after the settlement was reached. “I remember the accident well. It was a miracle I survived it. It is important that all drivers drive responsibly and pay attention to what they are doing and not use their phones in order to prevent such things from happening again.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)