UPDATE: Five Shooting Suspects Arrested In Far Rockaway – Possibly Directed Shots At NYPD [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]


Thanks to great police work and a fast NYPD response, at least 5 suspects are in custody in connection to a shots fired incident, which had the entire community in lockdown.

Sources tell YWN that at around 12:00PM, suspects fired 2 shots next to the 101 Precinct on Mott Ave and Cornega Ave. They quickly fled on foot, the main suspect still armed with a gun.

Although it has not been confirmed, an NYPD source tells YWN that the suspect may have been aiming at officers at the Precinct.

Heavily armed NYPD Swat teams searched the backyards, and were assisted by the NYPD Aviation Unit and K-9 Units.

By 2:00PM, five suspects were in custody, and a weapon had been recovered.

One additional suspect was still missing.

Far Rockaway Shomrim (RNSP) are on the scene assisting the NYPD.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Thanks Governor Cuomo and the Albany Democratic State House for passing Bail Reform Act: now they can be freed tomorrow!

    Curious! Once freed, can they also get their weapons returned?

  2. Attorney General (and Antifa supporter) Keith Ellison (MN) would surely make sure that these Fine People are back on the streets in no time.

    After all, as Obama once famously said (before his Beer Summit): “Although I don’t have all of the facts yet, the police acted improperly.”