AGAIN IN WILLIAMSBURG: Hasidic Children Kicked Out of Park Days After Tens of Thousands Attend Protest


The dripping hypocrisy and double standard is simply sickening.

Hasidic children were once again tossed out of a playground.

It happened on Monday afternoon at the park located at Lee Avenue near Division Avenue.

Meanwhile, just a few days ago, NYC Mayor DeBlasio (who was not wearing mask) joined tens of thousands at a protest in Brooklyn at Cadman Plaza to protest the horrific murder of George Floyd.

Once again, it’s a tale of two cities.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. can we just focus on one thing, we jews have value for every life and it means more to us to lose a life than anyone else. Although new york is being hypocritical it is disgusting that these families are even going to the park and they are making all the jews that are being safe and staying at home look very bad, you should be ashamed and I can’t believe that YWN is “promoting” this behavior.

  2. Fear not we will be told once again in Nov to vote these sick politicians in once again!
    Because they promised some money for dome program that ONLY SOME benefit from
    Please wake up and do not listen to any politician or that tells you whom to vote for
    Look what they got us into!! Just vote your conscience

  3. I’m pretty sure this is the precinct itself. I’d bet there are haters complaining and calling the precinct or just bad cops.

  4. Please provide more information. Who was in the park other than these families, were those people allowed to stay, what was said to those asked to leave etc.

  5. I may disagree but the playgrounds are locked. They have been for 2 months. Unfortunately the protesters are not breaking any laws even though they are being unsafe. Going to a playground which may be safer is against the law right now. Not every law is smart and should be enforced. But it’s not a double standard but sad laws

  6. What do you not understand, NYC parks are closed. Period. They were trespassing.

    Has nothing to do with the protests. Protests are a constitutional right, playing in parks is not. Deal with it.

  7. Was the park locked and gated, like last time? Did the kids sneak under the gate which is illegal and dangerous? Since when do two wrongs make a right? Why shouldn’t the Yidden act better than the goyim?

  8. stop crying for this nonsense, one stupid cop wants to show his braveness,
    keinmool kein gresera tzuros

    city was nearly burning , they got there lesson
    Deblassia pure hypocrit

  9. That’s because these children are posing a health problem! They’re also in violation of the law! It’s not like the protesters who were peaceful, law abiding marchers. These children pose a health threat!

  10. Just because the protestors are doing something wrong, and DeBlasio is not following the rules, does not give us the permission to do the wrong thing. The law says do not go to the parks, so do not go to the parks. We don’t follow rules because other people do, we follow them because we care about protecting ourselves, as the Torah requires us to do, and because we must follow the laws of the land. We have to stop crying Anti-Semitism at every turn, even when it is justified. We have to look at ourselves and ask if we are doing the right think al pi halacha and the din of the land. Make a kiddush Hashem by following the rules! Not by complaining about everyone else’s mistakes.

    Yiddishkeit requires to reflect on ourselves, not blame and criticize others.

  11. Stop saying that!
    There IS NO LAW!
    It is an illegal executive order.
    Laws are put in by congressman or councilmen.
    They are the legislative branch.
    Executives are supposed to EXECUTE the laws made by the legislature!

  12. I can’t believe some of the comments above. Seems like some of the posters have the comprehension of a 3 year old. Nobody is saying that going to the playground was right or even legal.

    The point is that their is an obvious double standard as outdoor gatherings with thousands of people which the mayor not only encourages but has taken part of himself are also illegal, yet there are no consequences… Those are reserved for 5 year olds playing in the park.

    For the record, my kids & myself are still on lock down. I’m still not allowing them to play with other children.

  13. So many stupid comments here. Allegedly the parks are “closed” so the children were allegedly “trespassing”. The point is that the REASON for closing the parks is exactly and only to enforce social distancing. Thus all “social distancing” should be equal. But creating “laws” that affect (religious) Jews disproportionately, but no such laws against the much larger and much more crowded “demonstrations” (a secular religion, a “belief”), that is not attended by the same religious Jews mentioned above, is favouring one religion (the seculat belief system is a de facto religion) against another. That is a violation of the Constitution.

  14. > WgFPD2
    > protests are a constitutional right, playing in parks is not.

    Those in the playground are de facto assembling in protest against arbitrary restrictions placed on the populace. There is nothing about the word “protest” in the First Amendment. It reads:

    > right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

    And this playground thing is as constitutionally legal assembly as the so-called protest thing.

  15. Recently Yeshiva World is focused on a “double standard” and saying goyim are breaking the law so Jews should also be allowed. Are they anarchists now? We should be insisting that the laws be enforced for all. We can certainly disagree with a law and work to get it overturned but the law is the law.

  16. I never knew smashing, burning, stealing, and trashing police cars was a constitutional right.
    My advice is to come here to flyover country where it doesn’t matter how many diseases circulate. My parks never closed, and our attractions are even opening.
    You, on the other hand, may never see these parks open again. Because these rioters…I mean peaceful “protestors” are going to certainly fall ill as they have been congregating en masse for weeks now, and your statistics and curve will go up. But, on the bright side, your community will still be standing with the closed parks. But will theirs? Let’s see how this proceeds.

  17. Just to inform you, Baltimore tzaddik, the gates of the Lynch Park were NOT locked last week. The NYPD locked them while shooing out those innocent children.
    And this park has no gate.
    You must be in serious need of employment to have nothing better to do with your time than bash your fellow Jews who have no backyards to play in.
    The parks in Queens have people of color playing ball. I saw that myself.

  18. #Getitstraight,

    You sound like some dumb liberal!

    Till when do we have to stay home until Cuomo decides??!! It is perfectly safe to go to a park at this time. Shuls & many Yeshivas are open for 2 weeks or so and not a single new case in Orthodox areas. Go do your homework and get your head out of the sand. Interesting enough THOUSANDS can march with ZERO social distancing and that is perfectly safe!!?? However, some jewish children playing in a park is a safety problem!!