A FIRST EVER: Breslov Women Make Hafganah For Those Stuck At Ukraine Border, Blaming Deri For Crisis [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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In what has not previously been seen before in Israel, Chareidi women staged a protest on Wednesday afternoon.

The Hafganah was held outside the home of Minister Aryeh Deri in Haf Nof, Jerusalem. The women are blaming Deri for the crisis that has been unfolding the past few days, where around 2,500 Breslover Chassidim are stuck between Belarus and Ukraine, trying to make it to Uman for Rosh Hashanah.

As YWN has been reporting, there was a severe food shortage, and many children are among the group – some as young as three-years-old. They were sleeping on the cold concrete with no blankets, no food  or drink for a few days. As YWN reported earlier Wednesday, the Belarusian government set up huge tents and chemical toilets for the Breslover chassidim earlier today, and truck have been bringing food from Uman for the group.

On Tuesday YWN reported that Minister Aryeh Deri sent a letter to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, requesting that he allow the chassidim, who have been waiting at the border for two weeks in difficult conditions, into Ukraine for humanitarian reasons.

As of now, the Ukrainian Government is holding strong in their decision that no one will be allowed into Ukraine due to COVID-19. This entire group knew this prior to their trip.

In one video below, a group of children are lined up in front of Ukrainian soldiers holding signs chanting “Bibi, Deri, Litzman go home” – as they blame the three for the crisis.

Another video shows the food being loaded onto a truck in Uman as it heads to the border.

The audio clip is from moments ago at the protest, or one of the women speakers.



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  1. Let them sleep on cold concrete, without food or water.

    They’re able-bodied affluent people who just flew into the country during a pandemic. If they want to eat, they can BUY FOOD from the BELARUS supermarkets and restaurants. If they want someplace warm to sleep, let them RENT HOTEL ROOMS in BELARUS.

    That’s assuming they’re of sound mind. If they’re not of sound mind, then lock them up in psychiatric hospitals (and any other mentally afflicted members of their families, whether they traveled with them, or their protesting back in their home country).

  2. a few takeaways
    1. there was some kind of assurance originally that thru belarus it ” might ” work true it was a long shot and thats why most didnt try
    2. once they left belarus neither country is allowing them in so its not like they took the army and stuffed them on a plane back
    3. isha kesheira… there is something to say .. for the loyalty. & a lesson in low maintenance even if not by choice . most of the wifes are happy that abba comes home recharged & hopefully a better yid

  3. one more comment
    when a person is at the end of his rope there is a tremendous koach to tefila at that moment of ” MEEMAKAMIM” & “MEAYIN yavo ezri” . no one wants to be in that position be it no money or no medical hope…but the connection is envious…
    even if we act foolish at times ” pneh el hatloim val lachatoim”
    it would be sweet to see that erev rosh hashana by tikun haklali they are allowed in . ooliy yizkenu

  4. Is this a variant on Stockholm Syndrome? They deserted their families during the holiday season and a very difficult time in Israel. Why should the Ukrainians let them in? They has already been an infection as well as a riot in Uman. They should be shipped back to Israel where they belong and immediately put into a two-week quarantine.

  5. 1.) Jewish Women shouldn’t be joining mass protests on the streets for the sake of a Chassidus because that’s a good image for Jewish women.

    2.) Jewish men shouldn’t leave their families in order to pray at a grave.

    3.) People who live in Israel shouldn’t leave the holy land for the holidays.

  6. To get to ANY country person needs to have a permission. This people just ignore the foreign country rules. I am not supporting any side in this story. I am saying that ANY country has rights to close their borders. Especially, when so many new corona cases every day. The moderators blocking many of my posts, they do not let my posts to get through their borders. I hope not because I am a Jew 🙂

  7. What Chutzpah! Blaming people in the Israeli government for your own bad decisions! Ukraine has been saying for weeks they weren’t going to let people in, there’s a pandemic .Grow up and make arrangements to get back to Israel in time for ROSH Hashanah instead of blaming others.

  8. Who cares?? This is all atzas hayeitzer to get us busy with other yidden instead of looking at our own actions and evaluating how much we are doing lsheim shamayim.
    Thank you YWN, once again, for assisting the Yeitzer Hara.

  9. It is very easy and childish to blame others for your own sorry situation. This is not Bibi, Deri or Litzman’s fault. It is solely and only the fault of those who flew into Belarus knowing that there was no guaranteed way into Ukraine, if anything the opposite.

    There is no humanitarian crisis here. The most the Israeli government can and should do is charter planes to bring these fools home to stop the continuing international spectacle of Jews making fools and international pariahs of themselves. The Belarus government may not be keen on this as their troops will have to cart the screaming Breslovers onto busses to take them to the airport to be deported.

  10. Those crazy Jews. They follow some Rebbe (Moshe) into a desert. They take small children and wait for miracles. Crazy. If it was Eretz Yisroel it would be one thing, but into a desert in foreign lands? Crazy. Negligence. It’s their bad decision that leaves them with just clothing on their backs and no food. They follow this Rebbe straight into a wasteland. Do you think Hashem really wants them to do that? If they want to eat they should go somewhere else (like Mitzrayim) and buy food. There are plenty of hotels in Moav. Serves them right. They think emunah and bitachon will carry them through this and all they do is daven and sing.

  11. These people are not Chassidim or Charedim and Hafganah by women proves it. They are members of a cult who worship a dead man and believe that the biggest Mitzvah you can do in your life is spend Rosh Hashana in a graveyard “with” Rebbenu. Instead of being ashamed of the international Chillul Hashem they have been they are brazen and blame others. Insane. Their poor innocent children. At what point do you involve Child Protective Services?

  12. Does anyone understand a word that these women are shrieking? Without being sexist, it sounds like the holding area for the chickens at a kaporos site evev yom kippur. Assuming the article is correct with respect to the general subject matter, what could be the possible “responsibility” for MK Deri who wrote a letter seeking to have these mindless Breslov be allowed to travel on to Uman, notwithstanding their traveling in violation of the travel rules of both EY and Ukraine. As to “go home Bibi and Litzman”, Netanyahu’s flight back to EY from D.C. had already arrived so he WAS HOME and Litzman has been hiding AT HOME his basement issuing press releases since he resigned several weeks ago from the cabinet.

  13. The State of Israel has nothing to do with this! These folks flew to a brutal totalitarian state that has been experience massive civil unrest — during a pandemic. These folks were lucky the Belarus security goons didn’t shoot them!

  14. 1.) Given the circumstances and all of the factors obviously involved, it is difficult to view the defiant behavior of those who have persisted in attempting to make this pilgrimage at this time as other than reckless; a terrible goreim of eivah, khilul H’, as well as a blatant disregard of the most basic obligations of safeguarding the health and well being of one’s self and one’s family.

    2.) Putting aside the question of whether the purported rationale for this particular protest has any merit or logic (appears rather dubious at best), it is difficult to imagine how just about any such public mass gathering of women could be other than a breach of tsnius.

    3.) Having noted the above points, I must also point-out that the blanket statements made in a number of the comments that condemn, in general, what is a near-universal practice among Hasidim– to make pilgrimages to their rebbes for Yomim Noraim/Yom Tov– are over-the-top.

    4.) As for the claims that it is wrong, even b’zman hazeh; in golus, to leave Eretz Yisroel for the sake of davening at the grave of a tsadik, I will simply ask one question. Is there any credible source, one untainted by Zionistic influence, that can be legitimately cited in support of such a position?