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Chassidim Coming Back From Uman Carry Corona Back To Israel – Truth Or Fake News?

According to a report that was shared by N12 news yesterday, 17 Breslov Chassidim, knowing they had COVID-19 symptoms flew back to Israel on 17 different flights. The information was reported by N12 after they claimed to have received confirmation about the ill patients from high-ranking officials in the Health Ministry.

The report then continued to say that the Chassidim are not cooperating with epidemiological investigations, refuse to get tested, and refuse to assist the authorities in any way.

“This is one roadblock after another that they are throwing our way. They refuse to get tested or checked, they refuse to cooperate, and they refuse to sign up for isolation. This will arm everyone,” the Health Ministry officials were quoted as saying.

On Wednesday, Kikar HaShabbat news website reported that the Breslov movement refuted the claims made by N12 and stated unequivocally that only 11 planes returned from Ukraine and Belarus combined that carried Chassidim. In addition, they state that since the information regarding the number of planes was factually incorrect, the ill patients returning knowing they had the virus, and the style of behavior attributed to the Chassidim, was also fake news.

N12 refused to take responsibility for the report stating that the information came from the Health Ministry so any complaint should go to them. When asked, the Health Ministry Spokesperson said that they were not familiar with these numbers, thus casting doubt on the entire story.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about a small minority of Jews who completely missed the message about RH, and YK completely. I guess the Yom HaDin is just another Kodak moment at a grave.

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