CUOMO WARNS ‘RED ZONE’ YESHIVAS: State To Withhold Funding If You Are Open


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New York state will withhold funding from local governments that fail to enforce closures and social distancing in “red zone” hotspots, as well as from schools in those hotspots that refuse to shutter, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday.

“Ramapo, Spring Valley, Orange, Rockland, we need real enforcement,” Cuomo said. “I can’t do what I did on bars and restaurants and take it over.”

Cuomo specifically cited yeshivas still open and religious gatherings still taking place in violation of the rules imposed last week in six small geographic areas where there have been spikes in coronavirus cases.

“If schools are operating it’s easy enough to find out,” Cuomo said, citing two recent news reports about yeshivas operating despite restrictions imposed last week. “The schools that have been identified as violating the closure order, they will be served today with a notice mandating they close and we are withholding funding from those schools.”

“I guarantee if a yeshiva gets closed down and they’re not going to get state funding you will see compliance.”



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Officials in New York City, Orange County, Rockland County, the Town of Ramapo and the Village of Spring Valley will receive notifications from the state warning that they must enforce public health laws, Cuomo said in a teleconference Wednesday morning.

Localities that fail to enforce the rules will not receive funding from the state, the governor said. Cuomo’s office will also send letters to schools in “red zones” saying they, too, will not receive funding if they fail to close, he said.

Red zone schools that have been violating the state’s closure orders will receive a notice on Wednesday “mandating they close” and notifying them that the state is withholding their funding until they do so, Cuomo said.

He warned private school operators to not suddenly announce they’re operating as day care centers instead. Those have separate regulations and licensing and the state will enforce that as well.

It’s not about the entire community, it’s about outliers, he said, saying he was grateful that many in Ultra-Orthodox sects have been following the law.

Earlier Wednesday, YWN reported that highly credible sources tell our reporters that NY Governor Cuomo was livid on Tuesday night after watching a ABC7 news report showing hundreds of children coming out of a popular girls school in Boro Park.

(Sources: Patch / 1010WINS)


  1. Lets all UNITE TOGETHER and NOT close our schools!!! We will have to manage without his funding until he gets the message LOUD AND CLEAR that we will persevere!!! Cuomo can NOT just close the schools and yeshivas as he wishes!!!! Hashem should protect us all!!!

  2. if state funding is contingent on el duches’ will, then let him keep it, do not accept it. if we can be threatened ,this will finish us for good. did he also threaten the rioters? surely not.

  3. It’s not worth staying open now because you have to pick your battles and at a time like now with so much open anti-semitism coming from the government and media we need to lie low.

    We do have to be aware however that if it won’t be this the liberals will soon find a new excuse to withhold funding. Or’v

    Fighting with yeshivas and Orthodox Jews has been high on their agenda for a while already.

  4. A kitrug from shamayim
    Month upon month year upon year immoral perverted bills were passed & continues upending the whole edifice
    and if our fellow community members even cared enough the response was we can’t do civil disobedience “what can we do ”
    “Well we are a minority ”
    “we need the funding”
    “we can’t break break the law
    now  for health for the whole public and betterment of all
    all of that is out in the trash

    a reckoning

  5. Don’t they have a an obligation to withhold  funding if your community is potentially injuring others something which we all acknowledge is pure health Even if the community believes themselves to be correct?!

  6. What funding? for books and buses? for some special programs? So let him keep it!! He can’t revoke the tax exempt status so fast and WE pay the heavy tuition load!! (Thank you to the “oh so influential” Agudah for delivering on tuition tax credits) We pay for the teachers and the utilities and everything else. Let Cuomo keep his $$.

  7. Regardless on my opinion of whether they should be open or not, I agree with hershh.

    He says we don’t listen to his wit, humor, blame, etc. but for money he thinks we’ll listen? Are we so lame?

  8. Says the person who begs for federal money and says the government can’t stop funding if they don’t comply with federal requirements. Typical.

  9. But when Trump wants to withhold funding from sanctuary cities that are thumbing their nose at federal law, he is not allowed to. How two faced this baal gaava is!

  10. Did any nursing home that went against his executive order lose funding. Of course not! Just a big empty threat. And wait, why are we punishing kids bec of adult decisions. These are the Dems who lie and claim they care abt childrens ed, now threatening to take away ed spending. Makes lots of sense!?!?!?!?

  11. the psak – He targeted the nursing homes that fought him with brutal audits which also probe and charge retroactively. He’s a vindictive self-aggrandizing authoritarian with no respect for anyone but himself.

  12. ” sanctuary cities that are thumbing their nose at federal law”

    They aren’t thumbing their nose at federal law, they are objecting to Trump thumbing his nose at the Constitution by expecting local law enforcement to enforce federal law for free. The sanctuary cities are 100% correct in refusing to be bullied.

  13. Cuomo has an even blunter instrument he could use: The NY Governor has the power to remove elected local officials from office. Franklin Roosevelt did this to NYC Mayor James Walker in 1932. It helped him in is Presidential campaign, as Walker was a corrupt Tammany Hall hack. FDR had been fighting Tammany Hall since 1911.

  14. So the federal govt AND city govt are supposed to answer to the state govt? Is the governor the highest order?
    Is this communism? Or what?

  15. If your yeshiva loses funding, you should be able to go to beit din and make everyone who was not wearing the mask in your zip code to pay.

    Wonder whether you have standing if you yourself did not wear. You can say – if it were just me, the Gov would not object, it is all of you.