VIOLENT BIDEN SUPPORTERS: #JewsForTrump Vehicle Convoy Attacked Multiple Times With Pepper Spray, Punches, Rocks, Eggs


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The #JewsForTrump vehicle convoy was attacked multiple times around NYC on Sunday.

The first reports of violence began on the Prospect Expressway in Brooklyn, when an individual began throwing eggs at the vehicles which were heading to Manhattan.

It then escalated to rocks thrown from an overpass on the Gowanus Expressway in Brooklyn.

Then, a Biden supporter was upset that the hundreds of vehicle had practically stopped traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, and began throwing punches at vehicles.

Around an hour later, things heated up when a vehicle of vehicle occupied by a Jewish family – including young children – was attacked by a woman who aimed pepper-spray into their vehicle. The NYPD quickly made an arrest, and the victim was pressing charges.

And just before 2:00PM, a vehicle was surrounded on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, had its Trump2020 flags ripped off, and had red paint thrown on the vehicle. When the owner of the vehicle exited, he was physically attacked by an angry mob who began throwing punches. The NYPD took suspects into custody in this incident as well.

As YWN reported earlier, about 1,000 cars boasting Trump flags from Monsey, Flatbush, Boro Park and Manhattan, are participating in the vehicle convoys. The car parades will travel toward Marine Park on the outskirts of Flatbush, gathering there about 5 p.m., where the rally will take place and speeches will be delivered.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. So how exactly was this a positive event? Did the organizers expect the average resident of Brooklyn or Manhattan to cheer on this display. Based off of the last few months I think it would have been a shock if these attacks would not have happened. Looking at it critically all this did was potentially endanger more Jews in the future. Aside from the obvious that Trump will not carry New York.

  2. This is pretty much a repeat of what happened with the Patriot Prayer Trump Parade in Portland BUT TO A MUCH LESS DEGREE. Peaceful, Conservative families with children participating in a perfectly socially distanced political rally to support their candidate getting attacked by unhinged Democrats. Then the unhinged Democrats were supported by less-insane Democrats. The media called Patriot Prayer ‘Nazis.’ How will the media smear the Jews who drove in this rally?

  3. Why don’t we learn?! We are in golus and Jews should not make a spectacle of themselves. It only antagonizes goyim!
    Yidden must stay in the background!!!

  4. Why do you think these were Biden supporters? There are more anti-Trump New Yorkers than Biden supporters. Did those behind this event expect to be greeted by cheering crowds in Manhattan? Perhaps the event was planned with to goal of inciting New Yorkers.

  5. So how exactly was this a positive event?
    It demonstrated that the danger posed by the radical left is greater than that posed by the reactionary right. There are voters out there that will be shocked by this violence and they might decide that we would all be safer if the left were reined in, not given a green light.
    Clear enough?

  6. Jews, remember, WE ARE IN GALUS!
    Have any leaders, Rabbonim or Askanim, sanctioned the rally? Besides for Dov Hikind and Yehuda Levi, anyone of note?

  7. There must be ZERO tolerance for violence, regardless of which party the perpetrator supports. Otherwise, there will be lots of trouble. NYPD does not seem adequately prepared for this event.

  8. Did Cuomo and DeBlasio condem the attacks, or condem the Yidden for doing something improper (as did some of the “blue” commentators in YWN)? More importantly, will the local prosecutors (who are all Democrats, and independent of the governor and mayor) actually prosecute the attackers?

    Should we worry that Biden is similar Von Hindenberg, who will let in a anti-democratic, anti-Semitic mob, and be too weak and too old to do anything to stop them. When America elects Biden, are they getting that mob?

  9. ” When the owner of the vehicle exited, he was physically attacked by an angry mob who began throwing punches. ”

    Which is why some states have made it legal to drive through a crowd of “peaceful protestors”. They surround you, it’s a life and death situation.

  10. The real question isn’t do they have a right to parade for Trump they go under our constitution. The question is where were the cops and why weren’t the attackers arrested. They sure acted quickly Gsin a police officer supporting trump
    And know one fired or suspended the mayor while on city time painted an anti trump statement

    I guess if u r a socialist democrat with intent to destroy this nation u r free to do anything u want

  11. I was there and I didn’t see any attacks. Goyim told me that they are glad the Jews are helping them with Trump. If there was some minor incident it’s from the sick liberal progressives.

  12. The honorable president trump has paskened that there were good people on both sides…ON BOTH SIDES!
    So aside from a group of frum yidden not taking to heart 2000years of what not to do in galus, i am sure that some were”very fine people”…

  13. Never mind, that sucker-puncher attempting to run away at the end is priceless…

    (No, I don’t condone street violence, nor any other violence)

  14. @moishg Are the Jewish people supposed to express an opinion just to please the average resident of Brooklyn and Manhattan? Being quiet hasn’t worked for us as we can see how that’s played out around the city for the past year. BTW, I think not expressing our gratitude to a President that’s had our back teaches our allies that we cannot be counted on.

  15. How can any Jew thinks that blocking traffic is anything but a chillul Hashem???
    It doesnt matter if BLM does it or antifa or any organization. It is completely wrong to do such actions.

    Jews should know better. Blaming Biden supporters is completely missing the point that what was done was completely inappropriate.

  16. I am old guy; first election I remember was “I like Ike”. Anybody remember that?

    But I never remember such polarized hatred in elections like I am seeing today! Really disgusting for USA when people can not accept an idea that is opposite of their ideas. That is really bad!

    So much for respect for freedom of speech……

  17. What a shock that people who are pro this type of display cannot engage in a thoughtful conversation!

    This was not some well planned out event. It was simply copying all the MAGA car rallies. My issue with it was that it has no real impact and has the potential for physical harm to Yidden in these areas in the future. For those who say it isn’t a Chilul Hashem you will have a hard time finding a reputable Rav who backs your stance.

    I voted for Trump and encourage others to support him. You want to make a real statement to the public and get the attention of the politicians in particular? How about organizating a massive voter registration and have a wave of voters in Jewish districts to show that we are a power to be reckoned with? Oh right, it’s not as geshmack as driving around in your leased car and honking, and there is no video to post to IG.

  18. chareidi stupidity , your are still spreading debunked lies about “BOTH SIDES” hoax. You are either stupid or deliberately spreading lies on this forum as long as it justifies Marxist agenda.

  19. Fakehadorah, the only reason you are not happy with this “pogrom” is because it exposes your fellow Marxist Democrats as a mob of violent brown/black-shirts thugs..

  20. “Imagine if Trump is re-elected. They’ll burn the country down.”

    Hashem should help that the President (a) is decisively re-elected and (b) responds as warranted to the BLM-ANTIFA terrorists, successfully restoring full law and order. Let us all be mispallel.

  21. This was a HUGE chillul hashem, all this does is incite violence and negative thoughts towards yidden, NYS wide. Anyone who thought that a rally of this magnitude needs to re-evaluate their choices before a yid gets attacked for voicing their political opinion in a loud way such as being naïve enough to think that making a bunch a political statements in a heated time such as this is a bad and harmful idea. If we continue with bold outrageous activities like this will only result in a bigger chillul hashem then this was already.

  22. consistentmike, this is America, not Germany in 30th or USSR. Since when people are not allow to express their political views? Cowards like you always blame the victims..

  23. Did those folks instigating violence all wear name tags identifying themselves as Biden supporters or Democrats? Perhaps they were anti Trumpers from other parties?

  24. > Amil Zola

    Ever hear of the concept of majority? If 99.999% of anti-Trumpers are Biden supporters, then it is not rational to invoke “it must have been the other 0.001%” who aren’t Biden supporters without hard evidence.

  25. I’m do not think that being in America is an excuse to shove your views in peoples faces, im not blaming the victims at all , its bad tactics!, what change and what positivity can possibly come from driving around NYC with flags on your car that scream for attention??? What can come from this that is good for klal yisroel. I dont blame anyone, i look at the big picture take off your internet troll hat and be realistic for making a chillel hashem. I don’t understand how this can be looked at any other ways , please explain that to me?