WATCH THIS: Cuomo Threatens Satmar With Legal Action Over Massive “Secret” Wedding


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NY Governor Cuomo blasted a recent “very secret” Satmar wedding which had around 7,500 people in attendance after the NY Post published the details.

“If that happened, it was a blatant disregard of the law, it’s illegal, and was also disrespectful to the people on New York”, Cuomo said.

“My information is that NYC is investigating the incident, they should investigate, and if 7,000 people were at a wedding, I’m sure they will be able to figure it out, and we will bring the full consequence of legal action to bear”.

Cuomo’s response came after the top story on the NY Post website on Motzei Shabbos reported about the wedding for grandchild of the Satmar Rebbe, HaRav Aharon Teitelbaum – reportedly attended by 7,500 people.

The Post blasted Satmar for not adhering to COVID-19 restrictions.

Interestingly, the Post says their source for their entire article was directly translated from the Yiddish newspaper Der Blatt, which had an article after the event – despite working to keep it a secret before the wedding.

Why Satmar chose to publish an article about a wedding they tried to keep secret, is baffling. Why they chose to hold a wedding with thousands of people against all COVID rules in the first place is also baffling.

The story has since turned into an international story – with TV reports in Australia, China, Japan, the U.K., and networks all round the United States – including Fox News.

Former NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind slammed Satmar for the wedding in a TV interview on i24 news in Israel:

A week earlier, a wedding by the other Satmar Rebbe, HaRav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum was forced to just allow family members after posters announcing the wedding were leaked to the press causing a firestorm.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. this arrogant governor got it between his eyes. a grand chasunah and his arrogance couldn’t stop it!!!!!!! unbelievable! !!!! now he’s threatening with legal action. THERE’S NOTHING HE CAN DO…… except what he’s doing now.
    for this humbaro there is only one way. …down

  2. And I, as a once Satmarer, am upset that this wedding took place on such a scale. If it did, that is.
    It is not fair. The anti-Semitism is sky high as it is. Why ask for more???

  3. hershh….actually there is something he can and should do. What type of insanity would have allowed Satmar to create such sakanas nefesh?? There are both city and state regulations for enforcing the rules limiting indoor gatherings. If it can be proven that these regulations were willfully violated, hopefully the idiots who arranged this chilul hashem will rot in jail for as long as the law allows.

  4. Jews apparently have no brain. Actually it must be the foolish gaiva to publish and document in every newspaper and website with pictures and videos of how we don’t follow the rules. Blame only yourself


  6. The issue is not Cuomo,it’s the sheer chutzpah and criminality of having a wedding attended by thousands in mid of a raging pandemic,could we even imagine the CHILLUL HASHEM and Jew hatred this criminal act will cause.
    It is only when Jews build homes in Yehudah and Shomron our God given land,that Satmar get’s bent out of shape and screams it is HISGARUS B’UMMOS we shouldn’t antagonize the gentiles,but this sheer criminality where they not only put their own lives in danger but it has the potential to infect thousands and thousands of others that is perfectly ok and no problem at all
    the hypocrisy cries to the heavens,but of course we shouldn’t be surprised

  7. While I don’t disagree with the points made by Dov Hikind however I am just not so sure he serves the interest of the yidden of New York and really yidden all over when he rants and raves and frankly attacks his fellow yidden on such a public forum. Disagreements between family are best kept between family and not on the open and so too here…I don’t think there’s anything to be gained by attacking other yidden in such a public setting unless he has an agenda and I am afraid that might be the case..

  8. Saddest part of this post is the Sinas Chinam and malshinus of YWN. Hello Kamtza and Bar Kamtza- welcome to the 21st century- the eruv rav is back. Considering getting rid of my internet, the rabbanim are right, this is not a new site, not enriching my life in the slightest.

  9. I don’t always agree with Dov Hikind, but he was spot on here.

    If such a wedding took place, it is outrageous, and responsible parties should be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

  10. There is NO question in anyone’s mind that this Public chasene was against any mentchlichkeit,respect for other peoples lives. But i dont think that Dov Hikind had to condemn Satmer in such a harsh way.
    All he had to say that he condems it and he will investigate the story with the Satmers and walk away.
    Thats exactly what every Politician did after BLM and Biden supporters did in the OPEN with tens of thousands of people all over the country. The world was quiet NO one had the guts to open their mouth and condemn it.
    When it comes to Jews of course we have plenty of Sonnim who are ready to spread clippings,photos of us disobeying the law,but our own newspaper like the Blatt couldnt hold back fro bringing this to the public?
    Unfortunate people that dont belong to Satmer or affiliated with heimishe yidden will suffer because of our stupid mistakes…..Rebbe please come out in public and say YES it was a mistake or rather a MYZID and we need to do Tshuveh . We can NOT live in a country and ONLY take from the government and SPIT in their face publicly.

  11. Rewind a few weeks :

    How many people were at the anti trump rally in Times Square???
    Not a word uttered !!!!!!

    100% Anti-Semitism at play here.

  12. there one reason for anti semitism..and only one……… we have a Torah. all others are just excuses. don’t for a second assume that if we listen they will love us . stop with the nonsense.

  13. As an RN working on the front lines, I find it to be extremely selfish to host a wedding, let alone a wedding with thousands of people? My fellow nurses, doctors and ancillary workers are putting ourselves in danger everyday and you cannot be bothered to follow simple public health guidelines. Our hospitals are running out of beds, and no that doesn’t only effect Covid patients, it effects all patients, cardiac, stroke, MVA, etc. If all beds and staff are dealing with Covid patients who do you think will be available to take care of you when brought for regular ER visit. No one.

  14. genuk shoin – How about we boycott SATMAR?!

    Enough is enough!

    These animnals will get us kicked out of this countyr. Why can’t they follow the rules that every other New Yroker is being subjected to? Don’t these jerks realize that the Goverment isn;’t bothering Yeshivas and Shuls that are nearly all breaking the rules?????


    SO they make a wedding for 7,0000000 people?!


  15. You guys are all correct that it is a terrible chillul Hashem and is enhancing anti-semitism. The Chassam Sofer writes somewhere that Jews who have very fancy houses (on the outside) and thereby making the non-Jews jealous, may have a דין of being רודפים because of the way they are making others hate us. If that’s just for having a fancy house, what would he have said about openly flaunting the law like this??

    We are Jews in גלות, and we are forgetting again that we are merely guests here-upon sufference of the rulers. It is mind boggling how after what we went through in the crusades, Tach and tat, the Spanish Inquisition, and the holocaust, we don’t seem to get the concept that we are guests and our hosts can easily make things a living gehinom. Why aren’t we learning from our mistakes??

  16. shprintzi – Another ginormous. “Malshinis of YWN?”






  17. Does anyone think that Satmar cares about the Chillul Hashem they caused?
    Not for one minute.

    They will probably release some pathetic half-baked statement tonight in horrific English, written by some Yossi Gestetner nutbag, who himself is a Skverer Chosid, who just last night held a Sheva Brachos with 5,000 people in defiance of the rules.

    What a group misfits. No different than a bunch of trailer-park white trash.

  18. Shoita gamur: Calm down! All of us are furious and frustrated, not just you. However, you have no right to talk like this about other Yiddin, even if they are Chassidish.

  19. “These animnals will get us kicked out of this countyr”

    I would not call them animals. But their anti-Zionist activism would get Jews kicked out of Eretz Yisrael were it more effective. And while it won’t get us kicked out of the US it will could terrible consequences for the frum world, espeicallly if other frum people come to their defense.

  20. Also in the NY Post: A clandestine “swingers” club in Queens was busted this weekend. It had only 80 people. Recently dance parties in the Bronx with hundreds of people have been busted.

    Jewish events are being treated more leniently. We have no right to complain about anti-Semitism.

  21. I am not sure why you are all getting so excited. What is this different then the big parties for Biden that everyone said is essential and may attend. You all should stop with your craziness and if someone has an issue they should stay home. Let everyone live and go on with normal life

  22. It wasn’t a wedding, it was a BLM and BHM demonstration which is legal according to Cuomo.
    P.S. any statistics how many people were infected?

  23. Although I AM NOT SATMAR and I agree they shouldn’t make such a LARGE WEDDING, I also think that His Majesty L-rd Hikind is not G-D’s gift to humanity and should HAVE RESPECT FOR A GODOL BATORAH. As a by the way I am a Parametic in Brooklyn and although out of Hikind’s mouth came a curse that within a week people will become sick and die, I must say that of the 11 transports I made this week NOT ONE ATTENDED THIS WEDDING.

  24. chug bugi: I agree that Hisgaros Be’umos applies here in the US just as much, if not more than, in Israel. However, if you would only know how much anti-Semitism Israel has caused in the outside world, you might think twice. Try living in Great Britain, under the nose of the BBC… And while its not justified, the non-Jew looks at Israel as the land-grabbing baby killer.

  25. To all Chilul Hsashem Screamers you don’t know what it means. We were killed when we had no fancy houses, weren’t rich and no big weddings. All these Gezeirus had nothing to do with the Goyim. They hate us anyway no matter what. No weddings, didn’t change the numbers and neither did the big ones. Abortions are allowed euthanasia is legal criminals are let out to kill, weddings are the problem. “The number of abortions fell by 196,000—a 19% decline from 1,058,000 abortions in 2011 to 862,000 abortions in 2017.” in the USA.

  26. Rarely have I seen such universal agreement here on YWN as to the illegality and chilul hashem that was perpetrated by the Satmar. Many of us have friends who were lost to Covid, we read every week here on the news siteabout another chashuvah rav or askan who has died from Covid and we also know about the incredible mesiras nefesh of the members of Hatzalah and Chevrah Kadishah who risk their own lives to serve the tzibur. To use such terms as “idiots”, “animals” etc. is entirely understandable but in this case there should be consequences, whether it is the rebbe himself or his gabbaoim who arranged this madness. They couldn’t have waited 6-9 months for vaccines to be widely available?? I truly hope there is immediate and forceful legal action against those responsible starting at the TOP. Any why would any choson/kalah want to being their life together on a foundation of such a chilul hashem. What were THEY thinking, that everyone was drinking a Zelenko cocktail that made them immune??

  27. Just saw several other News posts about this. Huge Chillul Hashem. Is Satmar trying to cause another Holocaust. The goyim will think that we deserve to be murdered because of this. The Hatzaloh will not be able to save us. It’s disgusting.

  28. If you believe in science, then you must also believe in antibodies. They last 6 months at least. The people in attendance already had COVID. Those who do not have antibodies did not go the Chasunah. Nobody was forced to go. People can and must be trusted to govern themselves. Democrats are used to treating everyone like idiots and controlling their behavior. Criticism our fellow Jews during such a time isn’t right.

  29. They should be ashamed and prosecuted. Don’t scream anti semitism when a party with 80 swingers was busted but the wedding went on uninterrupted.

  30. What in heavens name is wrong with Satmar?!! This is a MASSIVE Chilul Hashem. Where is the responsibility to the general community? Then we will cry wolf when they shut our stores and Yeshivos down? And we’ll call it Anti-Semitism yet?! Sheer disregard for human life. for the LAWS of this country is what is causing our problems. I don’t care what your opinion is, wear a mask not wear a mask. How dare anyone make a “secret” wedding of 7500 people, while the entire world is struggling to maintain control over a raging pandemic? Ever heard of the Black Plague? Bad enough Satmar disregards Isareli law, over there many poskim do actually hold there is no dina d’malchus dina. But what heter is there to disregard laws in the US? And what right do they have to endanger Klal Yisroel for their STUPID Chasuna? How many Chasunos were cancelled or held under drastically different conditions than normal? How many Bar Mitzvos? Why is Satmar any different than everyone else? Then they will get on the phone buttering up the Governor? Shame on them! Now; who will be first to call me out for Lashon Horah?!

  31. 1) The young couple must be forced to divorce immediately.
    2) The 2 new divorcees must then be sent to prison for at least a minimum if 19 years 5 months = 7000 days:- 1 day for each participant at this illegal wedding.
    That is bare minimum:- 1 day for each participant who remains healthy. Need to be sentenced to 14 days for each participant who comes down with Corona, and sentenced to 1 year minimum imprisonment for every participant who dies from Corona contracted at this illegal wedding gathering.
    Very draconian, but mark my word:- Maybe Satmar leadership will thereafter get the message and comply with the law in future.

  32. @ShlomoH

    That doesn’t matter in the slightest. We already know they are anti semitic. חזקה עשו שונא ליעקב. It doesn’t matter. We are guests here and it happens to be מדינה של חסד which ives us leeway. In Europe, it would never even occur to people to go against the rules (unless it involves halacha) for fear of pogroms and worse ח”ו.
    What is the matter with us??

  33. @HershH

    Of course they would continue hating us but chazal do a lot of things מפני השנאה to avoid the goyim hating us even more. הצלה is even מחלל שבת because of איבה!!!! So we can make a wedding and not worry about איבה, because they hate us anyway? come on

  34. Dr. Hall:
    Do you really believe that Cuomo is the one who cares about Jewish lives while the leaders who allowed this do not? Really?

    As others have pointed out, if the politicians truly cared about their citizens’ lives, they would not have allowed the Biden party when the media declared him to be president-elect, BLM riots (er, protests), etc.

    If they truly cared about Jewish lives, then they would leave us alone and not shut down/severely restrict our schools and shuls and businesses like when they gave summons to Boro Park’s Jewish lumber store while they knew they were essential, like Home Depot, and allowed to be open. 10 or 25 people max in every shul, no matter the building size?

    Whereas, I imagine that the organizers of this wedding intended that attendees should be only those with anti-bodies, etc. not those vulnerable to, G-d forbid, carrying/catching the virus.

  35. So there is no confusion, this chilul hashem made BOTH the NBC and ABC national evening evening news broadcasts, with NBC showing a brief video just so there was a visual reminder of “Orthodox Jews” flagrantly violating public health guidelines.

  36. As an RN working on the front lines, I find it to be extremely selfish to host a wedding, let alone a wedding with thousands of people? My fellow nurses, doctors and ancillary workers are putting ourselves in danger everyday and you cannot be bothered to follow simple public health guidelines. Our hospitals are running out of beds, and no that doesn’t only effect Covid patients, it effects all patients, cardiac, stroke, MVA, etc. If all beds and staff are dealing with Covid patients who do you think will be available to take care of you when brought for regular ER visit. No one.

  37. BS”D
    Hey Charlie Hall,
    Cuomo doesn’t care about the lives of New Yorkers.
    30,000 are dead because he forced nursing homes to accept covid patients and he made the cure, Dr. Zelenko’s. protocol, illegal.
    If started within the first 6 days of symptoms Dr. Zelenko’s protocol is close to 100% effective in preventing hospitalization and death in high risk patients. It is: – hydroxychloroquine 200 mg. twice a day for 5 days
    – the equivalent of 50 mg. elemental zinc once a day for 5 days
    – azithromycin 500 mg. once a day for 5 days
    Kol ha cavod to Satmar and may HaKadoshBaruchHu bless them for making a 7000 guest chasuna.
    If you allow tyranny, you have it.

  38. I love how any random person believes that they know better than a rebbe, these are great people you are slandering. They have a reason for everything they do, be Dan lecavs zechus

  39. Let’s get this straight. Yes this was a foolish thing to do to put it mildly.
    But the hateful display in the comments section are out of control. YWN if comments are ever awaiting moderation don’t you think a user calling a whole bunch of jews “animals” is a good time to step in?

    Also people including Mr Hikind need to understand that Satmar likely has herd immunity by now. Most of the people at that wedding probably had antibodies.
    Hikind is also wrong that there is no comparison to Blm or the Biden celebrations. Even if people were wearing masks , large gatherings without social distancing are against the law and guidelines .So yes there is a double standard

  40. This must be the year of the greatest Chilul Hashem caused by Jews in the past 2000-3000 years.
    Why aren’t people simply asking: ‘What would Hashem want from me?’ before they do stupid things?

  41. Its was not a wedding, it was a show of arrogance by Reb Aron very much his modus operandi, his brother had enough sense to tone his wedding down, if showing off is what you want then pay the price,
    PS Dov Hikind is 1000% right

  42. If you are talking about health risks then I agree with Satmar to a certain degree. If you are talking about whether politicians are hypocrites who don’t have our best interests at heart then I agree with Satmar to the fullest degree.

    If you are talking about Shalosh Shevuos, hisgarus B’Umos, aivah and any other Torah perspective about how to act in Golus then I vehemently disagree with Satmar to the fullest degree.

    Whatever the health and political situation is or isn’t it makes no difference. Making a Chasuna like that at a time like now is putting every Mosed H’Torah in New York State into danger.

    Just because Satmar Chasidim don’t live in Israel doesn’t mean they can forget and act like we aren’t in Golus anymore.

  43. Blurg says “ I love how any random person believes that they know better than a rebbe, these are great people you are slandering.”

    Ever hear of a פר העלם דבר? To refresh, that is the קרבן that Bei Din need to bring if it turns out they had issued a mistaken psak. Blurg, according to you Sanhedrin can make a mistake, but not the Satmar Rebbe. Does that mean the Rebbe is greater than Sanhedrin? And it’s not just “random people” saying that this was a colossal mistake either.

  44. Satmar is similar to Zionism. Zionism seeks to establish an independent Jewish state in Palestine. Satmar seeks to establish independent Satmar states in Williamsburg, Boro Park, Kiryas Yoel, England, and many other places, including Israel.

  45. The sinas chinam here is astounding and quite sad!

    147: Your comment was the worst. I am shocked that you would think this never mind say such a thing on a public forum.

  46. “WYN is once again providing a forum for loshon hora, rechilus and sinas chinom”
    Because to allow this chilul hashem to go unreported would be an even bigger chilul hashem. I’m not sure if R’ Aron himself or the choson/kalah can be held legally liable, but hopefully, as a result of this public disclosure of this reckless and arrogant behavior, those who enabled this event including the gaaboirim of Rav and askanim who paid for it will be prosecuted, and if found guilty, punished to the fullest extent of the law. At a minimum, the shul itself should be monitored so that the 50 percent gathering limits are strictly enforced.

  47. What is puzzling to me is how a Rabbi can condemn Jews in BP protesting against the closure of shuls, the closing of moisdos hachinuch, the shutting down of their businesses, the targeting of Jews, all this we supposedly had no right to protest against because “it’s not Yiddish to protest because we are in golus…” but yet here the needlessly huge wedding which would not ruin anyone’s lives were it not to happen at this grand scale, this is allowed despite the massive chilul Hashem and defying of the law for what?!! How is this behavior ok for Jews in golus?! I have no words to describe how hypocrital I find this to be.

  48. Surprised at Satmar for revealing themselves this secret in their own newspaper?!
    Also they always preach התגרות באומות – yet here they are openly being מתגרה באומה!!

    Very strange

  49. What is this insane comparison between us and BLM? Since when are hoodlums, he lowest of the low a barometer for us?! And I could care less what the numbers are and if every singe person in the crowd has antibodies (I don’t believe it for a millisecond either way). There is a pandemic raging worldwide. The vast majority of the world is taking it as seriously as it belongs being taken. Yes; some more, some less. But to flagrantly disregard local laws?! This wedding basically amount to Jews spitting in the face of government (a government that has given us safe haven and religious freedoms we never had in centuries! This amounts to spitting in the face of every New Yorker, every American and, indeed, every human. Basically Satmar declared- we and our Rebbe is all that counts. Human lives are all worthless if it’s not Satmar. Make all the cheshbonos you wish to make, this is how it is seen in the world at large. A Chilul Hashem of astronomical proportions! Shame on them.

  50. Moyshele,

    You are a fool already, you can now join Satmar. Lashon Horah?!
    It’s all over the international news. We don’t live in the 12th century. In under 12 seconds it’s all over the world. Self centered fools! And I generally love Chassidim. Not this!

  51. Being Satmar, I dont condone this behavior in any way. It was absolutely against the law. Look at the other fraction of Satmar that made a small wedding because it was the law. Even if they were warned. Theres always ways to defy when one wants to. Secredy doesnt allow u to go forward with such a huge affair.
    I dont think anyone was newly infected as any sane person wo antibodies stayed home. Its just doesnt add up that the world sees us as disregarding the law and putting lives at risk. And for good measure, Dov Hikind; nobody needs you. Time to go away. You always manage to exasperate things by talking make a Chilul Hashem to the heavens. Who asked u??!!!
    While it was very wrong, I still must say that I loved the defeated look of the governor. He is so hated that people will do anything to anger him.
    If BLM wld hold a rally of a million people he wld find an excuse.
    And to clarify; the givernor said he already spoke with the community. Well, that was R Zalmans people. This is the other side that pulled it off. He didnt talk to them. Although it was reckless, something in me makes me laugh how creative they pulled if off under their noses.

  52. and lets ask this crooked Cuomo now that we are 2 weeks after the wedding and 6 month after the terrible Funeral in Williamsburg and no uptick in that area, why are you even talking about it, there goes all you your science, our local Hatzalah did a better job thru covid then all these these corrupts politicians by getting people not to have to go into the hospitals in March- April and by getting major equipment needed by the biggest hospitals in NY, and they by far have a better understanding on what’s going on here then Cuomo, and the big rabbis ask them what is allowed and what’s not allowed in these circumstances, and if they gave an okay then they knew that their will not be any major uptick about the wedding, so people please take it easy and tell these self hating jews to stop reporting to the media

  53. Re: Hikind Outburst and diatribe.
    Seems he went too far in his vituperous, manic scream all. Both Satmar Rebbi’s previously issued a Kol Korah ie. (written) Public Announcement, clearly instructing everyone to follow All of the COVID – 19 safety guidelines. In the wedding Videos, masks are being worn by many people. If some of the followers choose to ignore the guidelines, it’s two-faced and dishonest for Hikind to crow about his wonderful relationship w/ Satmar while “stabbing” them in the back. He used to be the voice of a community. Now he’s just retired, so he should keep his big mouth to himself and mind his own business. Not mouth-off like a true enemy if those he served.

  54. @ronfromnj, just because beis din CAN make a mistake doesn’t mean they do make mistakes, also random people didn’t decide that they had to bring a carban, beis din decided they made a mistake, so if satmar says we made a mistake then fine, but it’s not for you or me to decide.

  55. The other Satmar could have paid off MoNster, they chose not to. The Kallah in the second wedding is related to MoNster so they probably paid him off. Nothing can be kept a secret for that long.

  56. to moster and all his friends if you decided to leave our community, it was your choice, but please leave fully and don’t be busy with us a whole day, looks like you people have a huge complex that you left

  57. What about איסור מסירה????
    I’m not a Posek but in my eyes Dov Hikind do not care about the sin of Mesira/איסור מסירה that is from the biggest עבירות, but claiming he cares for the lives of jews.
    is this video not causing Antisemitism?
    If Dov Hikind care about jews why he didn’t came out against unresposible protests in Boro Park on חול המועד סוכות?
    Is he not aware that the Chasidic communities currently have from the lowest amounts of Covid cases in NY?
    I wish this case will end up in court so satmar will win very easy by showing the ignorance from the authorities while thousands where partying with Bidens win or at trump rallies.