SHOCKING VIDEOS: In One CNN Interview, Dem Lawmaker Slanders 75% of National Guard And Endangers Life Of Congresswoman


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Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) went on CNN on Monday, and made two statements that are simply outrageous, and we encourage our readers to watch both of the videos in this article.

The CNN host asked Rep. Cohen whether rioters received advanced reconnaissance tours to help carry out the illegal acts that took place on January 6th at the U.S. Capitol stating, “I want to ask you about something specific because several of your colleagues have alleged that the rioters may have received inside help, including raising the prospects of tours, conducted or with the ok, of fellow sitting Members of Congress. This is quite a charge to make. Have you seen any hard evidence to substantiate that allegation?”

Rep. Cohen responded that he saw Congressman Boebert giving a Capitol tour to a large group between January 3rd and January 6th and made clear that he believed this was a reconnaissance tour led by a Member of Congress that he witnessed stating, “The only thing I’ve seen, Congressman Yarmouth refreshed my recollection yesterday, we saw Congressman Boebert taking a group of people for a tour sometime after the 3rd and before the 6th. I remember they were walking in a tunnel and we saw her and are confident who she was and she had a large group with her…But it’s pretty clear her team, is the team, she’s not on the home team. She was with the visitors.”

Congresswoman Boebert has since refuted his claims and slammed Cohen in a letter she wrote to him and and released to the media stating that Cohen’s claims resulted in “threats to my safety as well as the safety of my family and Congressional staff”.

“It’s unfortunate that you have connected my family being in D.C. for my swearing in with the Capitol riots, so I’d like to directly address what you claim you saw.” Let me be clear—All of your claims and implications are categorically false. I have never given a tour of the U.S. Capitol to any outside group. As I previously stated, I brought my family to the Capitol on January 2nd for a tour and on the 3rd for pictures to commemorate the day I was sworn in as a Member of the U.S. Congress. Again, the only people I have ever had in the Capitol with me in the 117th Congress are my young children, husband, mom, aunt and uncle.”

If that wasn’t enough, Cohen then went on to claim that 75% of the National Guard are in the class of people who “may want to do something” at the inauguration. Cohen is saying that National Guard troops who voted for Trump should automatically be suspected of being threats.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. So much for the priviliged WHITE draft dodger, Joe Biden, “uniting” our fragmented Congress and reigning in his democrat troublemakers. Biden’s continued refusal to criticize a fellow democrat is only fueling further dangerous discord. The priviliged WHITE Biden should resign.

  2. The problem is the leftists who support the Hypocrite Party (formally known as the Democratic Party) will accept anything CNN says hook sink and liner.

  3. DemonRats are the enemies of the United States they are out to destroy it and bring on a civil war and race war,they should be treated exactly as you would a rabies infected sewer rat

  4. Know who you’re defending before you rush to defend Boebert against supposedly unfair allegations by the left. She is an uneducated open-carry advocate who proudly believes the ridiculous Qanon conspiracy theory, which claims that Trump is fighting an international cabal of satanic pedophile cannibalistic run by “globalists” (ie Jews). She reportedly tweeted Nancy Pelosi’s location during the Capitol insurrection, knowing full well that the mob wanted to kill Pelosi. She won her election after unseating a long-standing Republican congressman who was insufficiently conservative for her, and who was favored by Trump (until she beat him in the GOP primary). She is not someone that any sane or decent visitor to this website should be defending.

  5. So I think we can rest very assured that there will be a civil war in the next few years; the filthy demmies are literally egging on the conservatives. I’m just worried: Yidden always lose in wars…

  6. Do you even listen to the videos before you post these articles. His comments are being taken out of context. Guess it seems more legit these days when you post a video with an article. What are the odds anyone will listen to what is actually said.

  7. His attack on the National Guard is irresponsible, but his attack on Congresswonan Boebert is spot on. SHE endangered the life of Speaker Pelosi by trying to let the mob know her location during the coup attempt. Boebert also called for breaking the gun laws of the District of Columbia. Boebert needs to be expelled from Congress and locked up for a long time.

  8. @OrechDin: I think it’s pretty obvious that most commenters on this page have no clue what your issue with the YWN editor is regarding this article. Care to explain?

    @ronfromnj, @charliehall & @Reb Eliezer: Aside from having watched livestreams of two of her speeches on the house floor [which, while enjoyable and engaging CONTENT-WISE (which is the main thing, of course), were slightly too high-pitched for me to assume that others would really take seriously] I know nothing about Congresswoman Boebert; I have no interest in defending a woman regarding whom I know nothing. And, let me be clear, if the allegations regarding tweeting Pelosi’s location, etc., are true, she must be brought to justice swiftly and most certainly both expelled from Congress and imprisoned for a very, very extended period of time. Again, that is IF AND ONLY IF the allegations are true. That being said, the issue, in my estimation, with Congressman Cohen’s words against her, is that he literally (listen to the video!) seems to believe that the fact that he KIND OF remembers her giving a recent Capitol tour is sufficient basis to CONFIDENTLY state that she was “with the visitors” and not “on the home team.” THAT IS VERY SCARY; IT SMACKS OF COMMUNIST RUSSIA, THE KGB AND NEEDING TO WATCH OUR EVERY WORD FOR FEAR OF RADICAL GOVERNMENT SPIES. How low is the bar going to be set for sedition convictions? Every American citizen should be petrified from his words, and the way the wind is blowing in the Democratic congressional caucus.

    @emes nisht sheker: You know, you have commented enough on YWN that it is clear you commonly just write without thinking. So are we going to get to hear your explanation regarding how exactly the comments were taken out of context? I just watched the video for a fourth time, and I really do not see how the article takes the comments out of context. In fact, did you notice how the CNN interviewer seemed a little horrified himself? Kol Hakavod to him.

  9. So much obfuscation in these comments.

    Let’s start with the tweet. At 2:17 PM she tweeted that they were locked in the chambers (something everyone knew by watching live C-SPAN) and at 2;18 PM she tweeted Pelosi was not in the chambers. That in no way tells anyone where Pelosi actually is. It is the same as tweeting “Pelosi has been taken to a safe place”. And by that time, C-SPAN had already broadcast that Pelosi was no longer in the speaker’s chair.

    By January first 2021 she had 82 Congressional signatures on a letter backing up her right to carry protection. But now after what just happened in Congress on the sixth, does anyone really want to tell these people they cannot carry protection?

    As for her alleged lack of intelligence as claimed by some comments here. She was born to a decidedly Democrat family. Not surprisingly, Democrat free-wheeling world-view led to her becoming pregnant out of wedlock. Rather than abort, she kept the baby, took manual labour jobs, started a business (that grew to three businesses) where she learned she needed to physically defend herself (because the police had been neutered) and obtained legal firearm and encouraged her patrons in her restaurants to do the same while dining there. While the baby kept her from finishing school at the time, she did eventually gain her GED. So she is what the people wanted – a down to earth worker instead of pie-in-the-sky academic who disdains the common people.

    She refused to bow to the irrational dictates of the Democrat governor to close her businesses for COVID, gaining her popular support. yet Trump endorsed her rival Tipton in the republican primary.

    And she never endorsed QAnon. She had expressed “hope” that “some” things that they had said were true.

  10. Thank you greorgeg fir your careful and detailed response!

    One more comment. Steve Cohen has tread down a very dangerous path! By stating that a unifying characteristic (in this case, the white skin color of 70% of the members of the National Guard currently in D.C.) is a sufficient reason to make the entire group suspected of sedition and requiring vetting, he has opened up himself and us to being attacked for our “unifying characteristic,” in our case, our being Jewish, and therefore, giving people a sufficient reason to judge our entire group in the many ways that we have been judged in the past because of perceived or real failures that we have possessed.
    It is un-American to judge by the color of one’s skin. It is dangerous for a Jew to judge 60% of Americans by the color of their skin. The content of their characters is legitimate. And Congressman Steve Cohen has no character.
    I am glad that he is not my representative but I fear that his statement may one day impinge on my rights as others may join him in generalizing to MAKE him my representative!
    ה׳ ישמרינו!!!

  11. To georgeg:

    You paint an excessively glowing picture of Boebert. Her mother switched to Republican when Boebert was 14, so she is hardly from a “decidedly Democrat“ family. Her pregnancy had more to do with being a dumb irresponsible teenager than with free-wheeling Democrat mores. Her communications director has already resigned because of the way Boebert reacted to the Capitol insurrection. And, regardless of whether she fully advocates QAnon or only hopes that some of what Q says is true, it should be axiomatic that anyone willing to go on record as praising any aspect of QAnon has serious judgment issues, and very likely doesn’t like “globalist” Jews very much. So, although she may be the right wing version of AOC, Boebert is far from the virtuous heroine you depict her to be.