WATCH: Veteran Chareidi Journalist Says Police Using Excessive Force In Bnei Brak


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Well-known Chareidi journalist Yanky Farber went on i24 News on Sunday, and blasted Israel Police for using extreme force against Chareidim the past few days.

YWN notes that Farber is a long-time resident of Bnei Brak, who served time in the IDF.

Farber says that he watched the video of the police officer in Bnei Brak pull out his gun and fire rounds into the air.

“He was surrounded by some kids, not violent people. He was a little nervous, and took out his weapon and he shot into the air”, Farber says.

“Let me tell you, I was in much more complicated, dangerous situations when I was in the IDF, and I never took out my weapon.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. These police are pure Nazis. In America you respect police because they earn their respect. Here, the police are the garbage of society, because anyone with any decency gets a professional job. Here, they don’t become police because they want to help, they become olice because they can’t get a decent job.

  2. So both are wrong…no excuse for this behavior of either side… respect law enforcement, no violence, police shouldnt take this as a personal attack

  3. @Yankel-der-ganef: who says they have, or should have, any interest in being mechanech their children or anyone else to respect “law and order”? The only thing we need to respect is our Torah Hakedosha and those who live their lives according to it. There is no obligation to respect chiloni thugs, sorry police officers.

  4. does anyone know why they turned over Bnei Brak Thursday night making the whole city smell terrible not let anyone sleep arrest anyone they saw? is this a law enforcement or a bunch of thugs, listen to me or I will shoot? do they have to throw kids beat children for any excuse? I have a feeling if a parent where to be seen doing any of this to their children social service would not be nice about it…

  5. To Jerusalem observer, there is an obligation to remove thugs, including haredi ones, from our midst using any means available. No condoning of violence committed by anyone, including haredi bullies.

  6. BEFORE we talk about who is to blame, I think each of us should take some time and try and be marbe shalom. The more we see tempers rising and violence, the more we should seek ways to control our temper and be rodef shalom.

    Once we redouble our efforts to go in the path of darchei noam we can then look at all the parties involved (Chareidim, police, politicians, media) — and work on real, honest & deep cheshbon hanefesh.

    May HKBH bless us with peace.