DRAMA IN THE AIR: Entire Flight Deplaned After 15-Month-Old Jewish Infant Did Not Have Mask [SEE THE VIDEOS]


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Once again, another incident took place involving Jews on an airplane and mask compliance.

The latest incident occurred on Sunday evening, on Frontier Airline flight F9 2878 from Miami International to La Guardia Airport.

An eye-witness tells YWN that the flight attendants made an issue over an 15-month old toddler that was not wearing a mask, despite airline regulations that clearly state that “Face coverings are not required for children under the age of 2.”

They threatened to remove the Jewish family, and many other passengers, both Jewish and non-Jewish began sticking up for them. The incident turned ugly, as people began screaming and protesting as they deplaned all passengers. One passenger began screaming that this was like “Nazi Germany”. Emotions ran high for some passengers, who have had family members murdered in the Holocaust, and were very taken at being singled out as a group without any logical explanation.

Additional video footage shows a group of Hasidic and Orthodox Jews screaming at the airline staff in the terminal after deplaning.

The eye-witness who spoke to YWN said this was a blatantly anti-Semitic incident, without any question.

One person told YWN that as the Hasidic couple started leaving the airplane, the flight crew applauded, exchanged high fives and one allegedly said “a job well done to those Jews.”

This is the second incident in the past few days involving Orthodox Jews. The previous incident occurred on a Delta fight from Miami International to La Guardia Airport.

See the dramatic video footage below:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Maybe it’s time to stay home and not travel away for every Yom Tov
    No question those anti semites are targeting the orthodox passengers.
    We need every politician and radio shows to stand up for our fellow Jews.

  2. The Frontier Arilines website is fairly explicit regarding the need for a mask for children over 2. Was the issue here the age of the child or was their some other disruptive behavior by the parents? If not, then the airline is clearly violating its own rules and will likely be fined and sued.

    “Passengers on Frontier Airlines are required to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at Frontier ticket counters, gate areas and while on board the aircraft. The only exception is for children under the age of 2. Face coverings must fit snugly over the nose and mouth and be secured under the chin.”

  3. It is high time something gets done on a very high level about all these incidents. This is just unacceptable. They don’t even stick to their own stated rules. Make up your mind, does a 15 month old need a mask or not?!! Is there any airline that a Jew can calmly fly on anymore? I will say, I was on a United flight not long ago where they were very understanding and allowed masks to be removed to eat/drink. And this was a 1 hr 20 min flight! BUT, and this is important- I may have been the only visibly Orthodox Jew on the plane. Where are all our “askanim”???? Time for serious action.

  4. Put in a $20M federal civil rights lawsuit against these southern beer loving hicks and drive them out of business. Federal law clearly states masks are required from 2yrs then that is the law. bigots have no place in the U S A.

  5. Instead of yelling and making a big scene wouldn’t it have made more sense just to put a mask on the kid. Yeah it’s not required by law, maybe they had something against Jews (although did you notice the ADULT Jewess who pulled down her mask?) but do you think we are endearing ourselves to our neighbors when we do this?

  6. Divide and Conquer. Pit one citizen against another. Some low level highschool pervert dropout who works as a steward/stewardess commanding others what to do and what not to do. Who made them the lord over others? It’s the same for those pervert morons who work for the TSA wearing those blue disposable gloves, feeling us up, as we are commanded to take off our shoes and get zapped with the exray booth as they thoroughly check us for weapons and explosives. “They are only doing their job”. Hmmm, where have I heard that before? If the sheeple continue to follow “orders” from filthy sleazy transgender reprobate politicians, who reside in Ivory towers, who are so so “concerned” for our wellbeing, because we’re too stupid to think on our own, then we takeh deserve all these endless mandates and edicts, restricting our freedoms. Those cages that Biden is stuffing minority children into at the Mexican border, maybe coming to your City and home in the very near future. Just keep listening and following every burb & belch to the tee that comes out of your elected officials orifice.

  7. Wow, this is not looking good. This is pure antisemitism. If the rules state that under 24 month no need for mask and the baby does indeed seem under 24 months this is just blatant anti semitism.

    Before Empires crumbled they always started up with the jews. America is indeed crumbling. So figure out the next part. We’ve seen this before throughout our history. Noone believed it can happen in America but indeed it is right before our eyes.

    Too many “incidents” have been occuring

  8. And what’s gonna happen to these natzi anti semites??
    Because this happened so many times before, and the same thing happened. NOTHING.

  9. Frontier. Passengers on Frontier Airlines are required to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at Frontier ticket counters, gate areas and while on board the aircraft. The only exception is for children under the age of 2. Face coverings must fit snugly over the nose and mouth and be secured under the chin. THIS IS FROM FRONTIER

  10. Lol I love when goyim protest on behalf of Jews, it feels good.

    In the last video why are the chasidim shouting at those ladies to get up?

  11. I think a group like Aguda or OU or a chassidish group with some clout like Satmar or perhaps even altogether, should sit down with Delta, Frontier, American Airlines, United etc at the highest level possible and get this sorted. NOT in the courts but with the old type of Askonus quietly and respectfully. It used to work and might still. It may also be possible that the airlines have some genuine complaints against us Yidden and our flight behaviour NOTWITHSTANDING the fact that these stories are unacceptable on the part of the airline staff.
    It needs to be done and soon or the damage could ch”v be unrepairable.

  12. Absolutely unacceptable. This is scary! What in the world was going on there? What is the explanation for all this? Look what this escalated into. What were the airline people thinking about??

  13. The first line of this article really sounds antisemitic: “Once again, another incident took place involving Jews on an airplane and mask compliance.” Maybe you should rewrite that first sentence or remove it entirely.

    Sometimes I wonder if YWN is run by antisemites.

  14. At just after 4:40 in the upper video clip above, one of the Chassidic women says “the little kids wanted to eat and they took off their masks for a few minutes”. That is not referring to a single fifteen month old child.

    If you don’t follow the rules, there can be consequences. Frontier is not a heimishe airline.

  15. we should stop flying the airlines that pull these stunts and email them our intentions to do so. the power of the purse is the strongest of all. when you spend your money, you are voting with your money.

  16. For all those people who think there is more racism than anti-Semitism, here is proof that you are wrong. These people are Sho’tim, MASHIACH MUST BE COMING. ( Mr. potato head is now just Potato head, people are CRAZY!)

  17. And mind you- this is from the airlines which got billions in TAXPAYER money to keep them afloat. Is this what the taxpayers deserve for their massive bailout? Let them go bankrupt! To hell with them all. There should be a congressional investigation into each and every one of these incidents. Some punk that happens to be a flight attendant cannot be given the power to be judge jury and executioner. They don’t have the brains to not abuse it.

  18. its hard to tell from the videos whether or not anti-semitism is at play here however, enough of these incidents have occurred that its now high time that the federal government pass an executive order specifically prohibiting discrimination against passengers by airlines. If only we had an executive who made anti semitism on college campuses a federal crime. if only we had an executive who had a specific liaison to address these sorts of problems. Chaval. We pushed him out because he was orange and had a bit of a brute personality.

  19. They would have all had a easier claim against the airline, if that guy wouldn’t have screamed Nazi Germany, comparing having an unfair rule imposed to the eradication of Yidden is simply souring your whole position

  20. Yes, Welcome to the Nuremberg laws. Yidden, wake up! Anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head clothed in the Professional laws of Sodom! It is happening in Jewish-owned businesses, it is happening in government control, it is happening in our daily lives! We need Rachmei Schmayim. We also need to call out the good Non-Jews that stand up when things are wrong! They are just a few but need to be commended for their doing good!

  21. This item is now up on Fox. The overwhelming majority of comments are attacking the airlines and their oppressive masking policies, not necessarily because the victims in this case were Jews. However, there are some comments that are important for all of us to hear, because they are reasonable in my opinion, and they fit with my experience. Here is an example – I hope YVN has the temerity to print this:

    “Flying with these Brooklyn Satmars is a complete nightmare. I love my modern contemporary Jewish and Israeli friends and find their culture and religion beautiful. But the Satmars are a whole different thing. They refuse to wear their masks on every flight. Just 10 days ago I was traveling on Delta from LGA to MIA and a group of them boarded and sat in the several rows right behind me. None of them wore masks while boarding or when they sat down. They just had pockets and bags filled with snacks and every time a FA would tell one to put their mask on they would reach into their pocket or bag, pull out some kind of chips or snack item, shove it in their mouth, then scream “I’M EATING!! ARE YOU PICKING ON ME BECAUSE I’M JEWISH!?” The FA’s were very professional and cool about it and rather than try to kick them all off and cause a scene and flight delay, they just moved all of the other passengers who were within a row of them away to other seats to create as much separation as possible. The Satmars are totally non-compliant about any kind of health protocol and have a loooong history in Brooklyn of being medical menaces to society – not just Covid, dozens of other major viruses like measles, whooping cough, etc. If you are flying and one is on your flight, move to another area of the plane.”

  22. This is why I will not be boarding any planes, until Covid is over, but I don’t have much hope it will be over in my lifetime, and I am young.

  23. It’s amazing that so many other people walked off the plane with them!!!! The united response was awesome, hoping it will teach frontier and others airlines a lesson!

  24. Can we please just stop with Nazi comparisons? Nuremberg laws? Seriously? Even assuming airline was in wrong, the law and the airline’s policy are neutral. If they single out jews, that makes them antisemites, but we aren’t talking about laws that are discriminatory.

  25. I’m concerned things will get worse with airlines because the 1.9 trillion stimulus package involves helping out the airlines – which means the airlines will kiss up the left and those who run the country, while the govt. Feeds them $.

  26. I was recently an a flight (not this airline) from Miami. After giving the regular instructions of wearing a mask on the entire flight, the flight attendant stared at me while she said, “And if anyone has a hard time wearing the mask for the entire flight you can disembark now.” She said it at least twice, staring at me the entire time. I was noticeably a frum Jewish girl. I was seated in the front of the plane and noticeable. It sent shivers down my spine as I sensed her stare at me. I couldn’t wait to get off the plane.

  27. To shomershabbat:

    Why do you think the flight attendant was staring at you? Did it occur to you that it’s a direct result of what she and millions of others (including me) have personally observed regarding the noncompliance of our brethren ? Perhaps our massive levayos and weddings with no precautions, which have been all over the news ? Or the absurdly high infection rates in frum kehilos?

  28. To all that comment that they hate us because………… there is no because. They hate us because we are who we are. Nothing will stop them from hating us. It goes back thousands of years. These are all just silly excuses .

  29. Aren’t we forgetting something? When is it that Hashem allows the enemies of Klal Yisrael to get the upper hand? It’s time to start looking at why we are losing Hashem’s protection. Personally I think it’s because rabbonim/leaders, especially those like the Satmar who control their sects like cults, do nothing about the evil amongst them. And let’s not be naive, there are some very vicious, evil “frum” Jews out there that get away the most heinous crimes because the community won’t say or do anything about them.

  30. Shomershabbat – Sorry you had such an uncomfortable, unpleasant experience alone on an airplane. For better and for worse, we live relatively protected in the USA and are don’t often get exposed to anti-semitism.
    How unsettling. Hashem will repay the flight attendant for her unwarranted obnoxious behavior.
    RON FROM NJ – GET A LITTLE EMPATHY! FYI – Stereotyping is racism and unacceptable for any other group – why would you be so self-hating?

  31. Reading all the comments is extremely amusing! Haven’t we all learned from kindergarten that it’s not him, It’s HIM!? Stay in Galus and enjoy the purks!