FLIP-FLOPPING YANG: NYC Mayoral Candidate Says He “Appreciates BDS” Days After Orthodox Jewish Assemblymember Endorsement

(AP Photo/Kevin Hagen).

Just a few weeks ago, NYC Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang said in a statement to YWN that had “disagreed with Linda Sarsour on many issues including BDS and Israel.” Yang made the statement following a NY Post article which alleged that his campaign manager has ties with notorious Jew-hater Linda Sarsour.

But tonight, a video tweeted by Journalist Jacob Kornbluh has Andrew Yang singing a totally different tune, guaranteed to raise eyebrows.

Yang was responding to a question about his opposition to BDS in a forum co-hosted by Emgage.

In his response, Yang said “I believe that BDS is the wrong approach, but I appreciate and would never begrudge people who are standing up for what they believe in.”

Just two days ago, YWN reported that Orthodox Jewish NY State Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal “proudly” endorsed Yang for Mayor. In fact, Rosenthal “praised Yang’s resolute stance against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)”.

See the video below via Jacob Kornbluh:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Sadly there are enough New Yorkers who will embrace him for having said that however, if you listen to what he said, it’s one big flip-flop back and forth! He has no clue what BDS is. He is clueless as to vile and viscous they are! He might win! Time to move!

  2. He won’t be elected anyway. The next Mayor will be a minority person of color, probably female, with a progressive agenda. She’ll continue the fall of NYC begun by DiBlasio.

  3. Ummm Yang’s response to Emgange was carefully worded and don’t suggest any support of BDS. Isn’t Kornbluh the guy who makes noise for attention?

  4. Actually he said 1. I’m against them and 2. People have the right to say things, ie free speech. He didn’t say he appreciated them. He appreciated their right to free speech. What a misleading headline. Typical sloppy reporting.

  5. From following Yang, often time when he “appreciates” something. it usually means he acknowledges the effort behind it. it does not mean he agrees with it. he is very diplomatic in his speech. he is very careful with his words.

  6. no different than any other political gnat____if jews vote for him as they did Biden then they deserve what they get__unfortunately so do we receive this

  7. So entertaining to watch how you guys are trying and bending backwards, with pilpulim, r’ayos, svaros, thumb swinging, and back and forths, maybe, kulei hai v’ulay, see? This yang ying is so bad? See? I told you! Don’t vote for him. As if. As if you could knock some sense into a demonrat’s (microscopic and atrophied) brain. But you’re all missing the point. You are dealing with people like rt -a frequent commenter in YWN. There is no swaying these people from their cult. These people believe in nothing and care about nothing other than their cult. Minhag avoisehem b’yedeihem. They owe themselves to their gods only, and nothing you say will make them change not a ki hu zeh from their cult. Their dumb, unwilling and incapable to discern anything other than what their cult dictates to them. Give up already. Move out.

  8. it is not what YWN headlines would have us believe, they quote him saying, Yang said “I believe that BDS is the wrong approach, but I appreciate and would never begrudge people who are standing up for what they believe in.”

    this means he DISAGREES with BDS but respects others to have their opinion.

  9. I can believe you guys are so naïve that you actually believe what Politicians say. They always say what they think will gain them more votes, and often say to different people different messages. He can not care about BDS, and he can not care about Israel or Jews, or he cares is how to be a mayor and knowing without Jewish community he will not be one, he can play the music Jews like whether it’s against BDS, yeshiva education, bris milah issue, funding Jewish organizations etc Once he becomes mayor he can do what he wants.

  10. For the record, he didn’t say he appreciates BDS, he said he appreciates people standing up for what they believe in.

    He’s a regular politician trying to get votes. He’s obviously not going to explicitly speak out against a huge group of potential voters. Not sure why this would be surprising to anyone.

  11. “The next Mayor will be a minority person of color”

    Yang is a person of color. From an ethnic group that is being tageted for abuse and violence today.

    ” he DISAGREES with BDS but respects others to have their opinion”

    That was the position of the late Congressman John Lewis, who was one of the greatest friends the Jewish people ever had in Congress. He strongly opposed BDS but believed (correctly) that Americans have a right to engage in boycotts.