Kiddush Hashem In The Air – Two Frum Men Do CPR On Cardiac Arrest Victim [VIDEO]


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Kiddush Hashem in the air.

JetBlue Flight 957 from Newark to Las Vegas landed on Monday night, but with some medical drama during the end of the flight.

An eyewitness tells YWN that an an elderly man fainted around 45 minutes out of Vegas, and then went into cardiac arrest 10 minutes before landing.

Two Las Vegas residents in Yarmulkas preformed CPR and used a defibrillator, shocking the victim multiple times, as the entire plane watched in horror. Both men were in Yarmulkas (and wearing masks).

One is a former Queens Hatzolah Volunteer (“Q-266”) and the other is a male nurse from the Las Vegas community.

An ambulance was waiting to rush the man to the hospital. It was unknown if he survived the cardiac arrest.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Fantastic job, well done.
    But once again, a tasteless video. Do you think that the gentleman being resuscitated would appreciate this video online?

  2. I never understand such articles which describe such nobel action as “Kidush hashem”. While it’s noble and human to do whatever possible to save life (even the life of a non jew because of איבה) the term “kidush hashem” is reserved for occasions when one obeys the torah and refrains to violate Torah rules….

  3. @Pupa13, You probably should have stopped after “I never understand…”, as the end of your statement is incorrect.

  4. Posting the video is inappropriate gutter journalism that no responsible news organization would stoop to doing. It’s sad that YWN seems to think that the Yeshiva World is full of voyeuristic people.

  5. Why am I male nurse you ask? ‘Cause the operation to change to a female nurse was too expensive!!!!”

    Does it make a difference if its a male nurse or a female nurse? In my career as a”frum male nurse” I’ve seen some great male nurses and some great female doctors. And vice versa, some awful female nurses and some awful male doctors. PS: I’m also a male hatzolah guy #shanda!!!!!

  6. @pupa13, in the parsha of a yid being sold as an eved to a goy, the torah tells us that if the yid wants to be redeemed, he has to pay money to the goy. Rashi says it’s because of chillul hashem. If chillul hashem is only when we don’t do what the Torah says, than that wouldn’t be a valid reason for the Torah to tell us to pay money to redeem him; the Torah could’ve said that he’s allowed to go free.
    I’m assuming that kiddush hashem is the flip side of chillul hashem. If I’m wrong please explain why not (with a mekor if possible).
    As a side note, I also don’t like seeing every Jewish feel-good story slapped with the kiddush hashem point.

  7. The gemra in avoda zora explains a kiddush hashem precisely as @Pupa13 noted above. Sorry to all of you pushing the peace&love agenda on social media.

  8. I respect your opinion but if you want to know daas torah on the definition of Kidush Hashem, please see Mishna Torah from the Rambam chapter 5 of Hilchos Yesodai Hatorah. You will not find anything which resemble the idea of saving the life of a non Jew or for helping a non-Jew for roadside assistance.

    I’m not advocating that one shouldn’t do it (when there’s no chashash of Lo Cehonem) but it has as much to do with kidush hashem as it does with gid hanosha…..