HATE IN MONSEY: “Hitler Is Coming” Found Scrawled On Sidewalk On Maple Ave


Ramapo Police are investigating a hate crime in Monsey, Sunday afternoon.

Sources tells YWN that they received a call at around 3:00PM reporting hate messages written on a sidewalk on Maple Ave near Decatur Ave.

The words “Hitler is coming” was found written in large letters (with chalk) on the sidewalk).

Chaveirim notified Rampo Police, and are currently assisting police with retrieving camera footage in the area.

If you have any information, please contact Ramapo Police at (845) 357-2400 and Rockland Chaveirim at (845) 371-6333.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This is such nothingness. Wow, some brainless middle schooler writing with chalk on the sidewalk. We really have nothing else to worry about. It’s so easy to set us off…Can you imagine what our bubbies and zeidys’ reaction would be to what we call “antisemitism”?

  2. Certainly sinking hitler even deeper into the abyss of גיהינום coming just days after his 76th anniversary of his suicide on י”ז אייר A.K.A. April 30, 1945

  3. An intelligent anti-semit would at least spell “coming” correctly. However, this shouldn’t be take lightly. The jewish community needs to prepare for any and all contingencies, something that we coulddn’t do in past years. There is no reason that every able bodied man should not own a reliable 3-600 dollar shotgun and spend some time learning to care for it, use it, and store it safely. People need to know that if they will attack or harm jews, we will not take it lying down.

  4. Even it’s a nobody who did this, we should reflect on how much we should feel home here and if it’s such a good idea to ignore neighbors who worry about traffic, public services or school buses driving 40 mph in Monsey’s streets…to mention a few of so many examples of lacking mindfulness, even between us…

  5. Chalking on a sidewalk is not a crime. If it were then the police should be constantly busy arresting people right and left, from kids drawing hopscotch courses and marbles circles to pavement artists doing their thing. And since it’s not a crime, it can’t be a “hate crime”.

    If the police were to find this person and arrested him or her, they would be blatantly punishing him/her not for the “vandalism” but for the message, and that would make them the criminals, for denying the person’s civil rights under color of law.

    In any case, most “hate crimes” turn out to be nothing of the sort. Often they are hoaxes. There is a significant probability that this was done by a Jew for some reason of his own.

  6. Chaimp- What’s the problem with school buses moving at the speed limit? I think it’s a bigger problem when you hold up traffic driving 15mph under the speed limit.