NON-STOP TERROR: More Than 100 Rockets Fired At Tel Aviv Early Wednesday Morning [VIDEO ROUNDUP]


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For the second time in the past few hours, a massive barrage of rockets was fired from Gaza into the Tel Aviv area at around 3:00AM IL.

The Iron Dome system can be seen intercepting rockets over the city. Loud booms were heard in the city, but there were no immediate reports of casualties.

Rockets were also fired at Beersheba and Ashkelon.

The barrage came minutes after the IDF destroyed a nine-story building in Gaza. The IDF had warned the occupants for many hours that the building was going to be leveled.

The nine-story structure houses residential apartments, medical production companies and a dental clinic.

Israeli aircraft fired five warning rockets from a drone to alert people of the incoming bombing early Wednesday. Shortly afterward, the jets struck the building again after journalists and rescuers gathered around.

There were no immediate word on casualties.