PHOTO ROUNDUP: NYPD Floods Flatbush And Boro Park With Resources Following String Of Hate Crimes


After recent security incidents in NYC in the aftermath of the Gaza war, the Flatbush Shomrim & FJCC coordinated with the NYPD to deploy officers at strategic locations in the Flatbush community, including at Yeshiva dismissals.

The FJCC thanks the NYPD Brooklyn South Borough commanders and Lt. Yitzy Jablon Commander of PBBS Community affairs, the 61, 63, 66 and 70 Police Precinct commanders; our partners at Flatbush Shomrim; and in particular NYPD liaison Yehuda Eckstein for spearheading the effort.

We appreciate the guidance and feedback from many Rabbonim and shul leaders as we work in unison to insure our community is safe. We will continue this important work to keep our community’s safe.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. god bless the NYPD who has acted swiftly against theese terrible stuff that’s been happening here in new york city I’m grateful

  2. With this type of encouragement and teaching moments, many kinderlach will k’h grow looking forward to a career as a police officer.

  3. @Jewishkid – Did the Agudah reach out to the Mayor’s office or did the Mayor’s office reach out to the Agudah?
    I am grateful they acted, as you said. And we should all be grateful that they acted not only swiftly but sereiously.
    But from another article posted here or elsewhere, it seems they had to be called. Not great PR at the very least.

  4. @ujm – I don’t know about that, but “with this type of encouragement and teaching moments” we could instill a sence of appreciation for, and trust in, police officers.