MK In Bennett’s New Bloc Filed Bill Turning Kiruv Into Criminal Offense

Illustrative. Image by 777jew from Pixabay.

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One of the MKs in the anti-Netanyahu bloc who will be part of the new unity government (if it succeeds in being formed) is promoting a bill that would make influencing a minor to do teshuvah a criminal offense, punishable with jail time.

The bill, proposed by Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg in 2019, would mean that dozens of Torah-oriented organizations that work with teenagers would become illegal and would brand anyone who influences a minor to perform a mitzvah, such as putting on tefillin, as a criminal.

The bill is unlikely to be passed in the Knesset but it is reflective of the anti-religious attitude of many of the MKs that will be part of a unity government.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. the purpose of so broad a coalition is to cause both compromise and a prime minister who wears a kippah to work with anti-religious hilonim to increase understanding and tolerance. that is a good thing.

  2. If the Charedi parties would join the coalition Meretz would be frozen out. If Smotrich joins, Liberman could be frozen out too. Arutz Sheva reports that it is under consideration. Probably a more interesting idea to quote that article than this silly Bennet bashing.

  3. It’s only the beginning! You ain’t seen nuthin yet!

    Think of Biden! Think hard! This will pale Biden and his AOC, Talib, Sanders and Omar progressive left agitators.

  4. Well, we should never influence a minor to be different than his parents and family. No matter if it is Chabad breslov or christianity.
    It has a negative effect on the child’s Psycho.

  5. One must think long and hard about influencing a minor to change from anything. Is it a sincere fervent attempt to promote something that is demonstrably correct (rather than an ideology or faith), or is it the result of an insecure belief that can only bolster itself by influencing vulnerable an impressionable people?
    I once saw an attempt to wean a teenager away from his family’s type of Judaism to another way that the influencer perceived to be ‘better’. The result was not pretty.
    Faith and practice should be the result of free will, not of coercion. Influencing minors to abandon their family never works out well.

  6. Ader, IP, Judith, I can’t believe YWFN would print your comments. Do you find something wrong with introducing minor chilonim to the beauty of Yiddishkeit? How exactly is that “coercion”? And how exactly does that show “insecurity”? Why do we have to read this drivel even on frum websites? When have frum Jews ever frowned upon kiruv efforts among minors? You should take a good, hard look at your own relationship with God.