POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE: Satmar Endorses Front-Runner Eric Adams For NYC Mayor


In a stunning political development in the NYC Mayoral race, YWN has exclusively learned that Satmar (Aronim faction) has endorsed front-runner Eric Adams.

Sources tell YWN that the faction held a late-night meeting with Eric Adams, where a full-throated endorsement was given. In fact, the factions “Der Blatt” Newspaper, which goes to print on Tuesday night, was actually delayed for a few hours, so the front cover can have the breaking news.

Our sources tell us that the change from a previous Yang endorsement was due to the undeniable past twenty years of staunch support for the Williamsburg Hasidic community by Eric Adams – first as a NY State Senator and then as Brooklyn Boro President.

Highly credible sources tell YWN that even after the endorsement was made, hands were shaken and a video message was recorded, the Yang team continued to harass Satmar by making phone calls and unannounced visits to the homes of Satmar officials after 1:00AM to try and sabotage the endorsement.

Political insiders were actually shocked that Satmar (Zaly faction) endorsed Yang, as Adams had literally been the first to respond to every single hate crime and incident for the past twenty years – not only in Williamsburg, but in every Orthodox Jewish community in NYC. In fact, the Satmar faction who is sticking with Yang received a whopping $500,000 check from Adams for security cameras following the brutal murder of Menachem Stark HY”D.

Satmar now joins the other massive Orthodox Jewish voting blocks who have endorsed Adams including the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition (FJCC), the Far Rockaway Jewish Alliance and Queens Jewish Communities, the Crown Heights Jewish Community, the Staten Island Jewish Community, and the Sephardic Community Federation (SCF) in Flatbush.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. These “articles” are really funny. I was on the Adams train from day one but I can tell when someone is yanking my chain.

  2. oy what bubbe mayses , this was always the plan – the yang endorsement was a message to adams about how serious the mosdos issue is ,secondly they knew that endorsing yang in a loud way would hurt yang’s reputation in the big pic & come around to adams

  3. This is a ranked voting election. Everyone can vote for BOTH Eric Adams AND Andrew Yang. Vote for one in First place and vote for the other in Second place.

  4. Adams is on his way to winning the NYC Mayoral election, and definitely has his eyes on the White House for 2028 (especially assuming it’s not a reelection campaign for any President in the WH). Unfortunately, the Democratic party will probably lean towards electing someone like AOC or someone else on the “squad”.

  5. Supporting Yang didn’t make sense. And having seen Eric Adams in action, I think – I pray- he will be a Mayor who is responsive to the needs of the Jewish community, unlike the current incumbent. Hopefully, New York State can get rid of Cuomo in the gubernatorial elections.

  6. So happy! Finally! Although he has to clarify his DINKINS response which led me to the nightmares of my early childhood, Adams is a known man of principle! How did this unknown Yang get sucha a powerful endorsement when Adams is here for long and been ao good to us. While I have nothing against Yang, he doesn’t deserve a blanket endorsement when Adams has been a longtime friend and upstanding guy.
    Hope others will follow.

  7. I’m from Jersey and we’ve got some politicians who are not worth much too, but why does Simka Eickenstein think Yang us better?

  8. Can YWN stop using the phrase “Highly credible sources tell us”! They don’t ever tell anyone who they are. Just use the term “sources” please

  9. Y Simcha Eichenstien and MD Niederman&& agot all the Mosdos under them to endorse Yang was very unexpected. Who is he anyway? Nice guy. Knows nothings about Jewish needs. Wish him good luck though

  10. stop studying torah to smash windows , which torah were they studying exactley, the abraham accord should have included shipping off the “admorim” to iran