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Eric Adams For Mayor Receives Powerful Endorsement Of FJCC, Massive Orthodox Jewish Voting Block In Flatbush

The highly-influential Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition (FJCC) has just thrown their support behind NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams.

The FJCC backing, is an extremely respected and coveted endorsement for Eric Adams.

The FJCC represents more than 80 local Rabbonim and over 200 Shuls, dozens of Yeshiva heads, hundreds of local business owners and thousands of local residents.

Earlier this week Adams received the endorsements of a thriving Staten Island Jewish group and the influential Sephardic Community Federation (SCF), which is based in Flatbush. Last week Adams was endorsed by the Crown Heights community and the Far Rockaway Jewish Alliance endorsed Adams – all massive voting blocks.

Further details on the FJCC endorsement to follow.

4 Responses

  1. Has anyone addressed the comments Mr. Adams made while visiting the Muslim community during the recent hamas rocket attacks?

  2. eric is a good candidate lets see if flatbush can bring out “THE MASSIVE BLOCK VOTE” like their brothers in willy or bp
    the numbers wont lie 2 days after either you voted or not

  3. So what’s the thought, if we vote for a black guy the thugs will only hit on Asian people & leave us alone? Some of You fellow Jews just don’t get it do You? Poor Yankel must be turning over in His grave! Some of You are hopeless!

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