AND SO IT BEGINS: Projected Finance Minister Self-Hating-Jew Lieberman Begins Going After Chareidim


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The projected Finance Minister of the next government, is slated to be Avigdor Lieberman, who in the past has been no friend of the Chareidi parties. On Wednesday, Lieberman began preparing for his new position as being the person most in control of the Israeli economy by requesting a detailed budgetary expenditure.

The request was published in the economy magazine The Calcalist, which stated that Lieberman specifically requested the detailed expenditure list with regard to money transferred to educational institutions and other bodies that go beyond the national budget, as well as those that were transferred in the past as part of coalition agreements with all of the various parties.

While not only the Chareidi parties received funds that were transferred as a result of coalition agreements in the previous government, but in recent years, the main benefactor of these funds has been the Chareidi parties and their public.

This is not a regular request from every incoming Finance Minister prior to starting his job, so it is suspected among the Chareidi parties that Lieberman wants to delve into the issue in-depth and research just exactly what money the Chareidi public is receiving.

It is feared that he plans on ceasing the transfer of these funds to the Charedi parties and institutions.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Rabbosai HaShem is giving our askanim a tremendous opportunity to rise to the occasion and for us- klal Yisroel alone to support Torah mosdos in eretz Yisroel. the biggest Keren yet, may be in the cards rabbosai. let’s do it with a singular focus to be notel schar Kulam and be mefer atzas of these reshaim which is to bring the olam haorah to its knees.

  2. roshvrishon!! (and others)
    You are very confused.

    The “haredi parties” have nothing to do with Hashem.

    On the contrary, by their dubious antics, combined with presenting themselves as the only true and loyal representatives and defenders of authentic Judaism, they turn people away from true Torah and Mitzvoth.

    They also have nothing to do with, and have no interest in, klall yisrael.
    They are only interested in getting money for their own private interests.

    Their total disappearance will be a great beracha for klall yisrael!

  3. What is the rationale for charedim taking more tax payer money than anyone else, while paying less taxes than everyone else? A culture where it is socially acceptable for charedi men not to support their family, as is their most basic holochik (and moral) responsibility, not so contribute to the country, yet cry victim all day.

    I am very upset about the anti Torah laws like civil marriage and shabbos desecration that lieberman is pushing. But I do see the root cause of the negatively against charedim is the chillul Hashem they cause by their lack of adherence to most basic principles of Torah and Jewish values.

  4. Why should he let the people whom he represents, get less money than the Chaeidim?
    The Heimishe Oilom in America work much harder for Parnasah than the typical Chareidy in Eretz Yisroel.

  5. If we daven right, we can bring Mashiach to save Klal Yisrael from the Zionists once and for all.

    Let’s not repeat the mistake made in 1948 where people davened for a State rather than Mashiach and got that instead, as both the Brisker and Satmar Rabbanim noted.

    Daven that Hashem send Mashiach to save Klal Yisrael from the Zionist shmad, not that He bring back the usual heretics in Israel who are, at best, only incrementally better than the incoming band of heretics, in Israel.