Litzman Castigates New Prime Minister Naftali Bennett – You’ve Betrayed Everything [VIDEO]


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Head of the Agudas Yisroel Faction of the UTJ MK Yaakov Litzman addressed the Knesset plenum on Sunday and strongly castigated incoming Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

“This is the first time we are witnessing the election of a government in Israel that does not have the public support behind it. It did not win an election, it has no support of the nation, rather it is a collection of lies, election fraud, and a gathering of people who hate one another, who found a way to circumvent the law in order to take revenge against Netanyahu. There is nothing ideologically that connects them. This government of Bennet and Lapid and Lieberman is a government of change that has set out to attack everything that the Jewish nation has considered to be holy for many generations.”

Litzman continued, “You’ve thrown away Shabbos as the day of national rest, you attack the way that conversion is being done, you attack kashrus, Jewish education, the Torah world, the Kotel, Jewish values and religion as well as our very tradition. This is a government that plans to sin, that was born in crime, hatred, and incitement. Whoever gives the hater of religion and tradition Avigdor Lieberman to be the treasurer and the head of the Finance Committee is taking a desperate and despicable step. Naftali Bennett, what your true feelings about Lieberman are, I know more than most. I won’t quote here from personal conversations that we have had, I will just say that he is the last person that I would ever let run a bank or store.”

“What you said about your new-old partner Lapid, you have said to me as well as others, that your previous partnership was a mistake that you would never do again. I will tell you now that you will make the same mistakes that you did before, only this time you will pay for it double. Mark my words, this time there will be no forgiveness. My fellow MKs, witness something astounding. The Coalition members have agreed to not deal with issues that are too difficult for them to agree upon, due to the ideological Shatnez that is among them, regardless they have decided that it would be a good idea to uproot any ounce of Judaism and attack the Jewish character of Israel. About this, they have no argument. This is simply an embarrassment. Busha V’Cherpah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Evey word that you Yaakov Litzman said about bennett & his evil coalition is so on target & correct, and we shall always vote for you Yaakov Litzman & “Gimmel” because you have all the correct agendum

  2. Hey Chareidim fellows, let’s be honest here. The real reason this dope won was because you couldn’t get it together! He didn’t win a mandate – all he won was 60-59! I’d be embarrassed if that was all I won by. You frummer and right wing would not make it work! He didn’t win – YOU LOST!
    Why can’t we get together!

  3. Once a chareidi wanted to tell of an MK. Three individuals came with an argument to Hashem, aleinu, revii and a mamzer. Aleinu complained about people reciting it fast and rushing out. Revii is not an appreciated aliyah and a mamzer, it is not my fault. Eaxh one is repaid. Aleunu became revwred after being placed in Rosh Hahana and Yom Kippur davenen and Revii was placed at the Shira. Asks the MK what about a mamzer? Answers the chareidi, he was made a chavrei kneseth.

  4. He is right 100%.Israel is not any more the jewish Land. Its like the US Europe etc. No Respect for each other.
    Chareidi haters and religious haters in the new goverment. Behaving like goyim. And a Priminister that
    is called religious because he wears a small kippa seruga. He is a leftist and a liar and a benkel chaper.
    And also hes pary collegues are the same.that not Misrachi anymore,that modern orthodox.. they dont care about schabbat, kaschrut taharas mispacha. like the pig eater and jewish hater Financeminister Lieberman

  5. Litzman is a long-term political hack who has shown total incompetence in his prior government positions, especially his blunders as health minister. Recently, he has also been indicted for fraud and breach of trust related to the Leifer case. He has zero credibility to criticize the new government since he has become a disgusting poster child for all that is wrong with Israeli politics across the board.

  6. Rabbi Litzman’s many concerns about the current Zionist “government” are also applicable to any other Zionist “government”.

    So far, there don’t seem to have been any changes in the “status quo” in Israel. But, even if his castigation against Bennett is totally right, we shouldn’t confuse the numbers.

    Any Zionist government, even with the “status quo” is about 99.95% anti-Jewish. Whereas, this one, according to Rabbi Litzman will supposedly be 99.99% anti-Jewish.

    There is, however, one major advantage to this government over others. The less seemingly Jewish that the Israeli government appears, the more likely it is that people will realize that the State of Israel is Zionist, not Jewish.