WATCH: Fauci Wants Vaccine Mandates For Children To Appear In School

(Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo via AP, File)

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“I believe that mandating vaccines for children to appear in school is a good idea,” Dr. Anthony Fauci says about Covid-19 vaccines.

“We’ve done this for decades and decades, requiring polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis. So this would not be something new”.



  1. The liberals still don’t see the slow pattern going on here! They keep introducimg more controlling laws little by little so that it doesn’t surprise you all at once. I saw through fauci from the beginning. When Trump wasn’t trying to cause a panic, fauci opened his mouth and said this is worse than we think. I knew he was bad from the start.

  2. Cant believe there are no comments. Clearly, TYW censors – just look at the comments of Arutz 7 and you will see where this is going. Green Pass is now being lowered to 6 months, and if you don’t get unlimited boosters your Green Pass will be revoked. The is The Great Reset, set out in clear language years ago by the Word Economic Forum. Look it up, they do not try to hide it. Nothing to do with “safety”… it’s about running our countries as China runs its country, with a Social Credit Score and no individual freedoms whatsoever – no ownership, no meat eating, no medical freedom. That is what they say and that is what they want. People with Stockholm Syndrome will beg their government to “take care” of them and keep them “safe.” “Safe” is a code word – we are helpless and we need Big Government to protect us, just like children. Healthy people are at no risk from this virus, and there have been hundreds of thousands of adverse reports to VAERS from the shot – but this is about safety? There is no access to C19 therapeutics. Only ventilators, which are extremely risky. All discussion about the therapeutics that save lives has been censored by YWN and other mainstream news sources. Why?

  3. Fauci is such a confirmed liar, why would anyone listen to anything this man has to say. On CNN??? CNN that sold Joe Biden to the American people because he was not Trump!!! Talk about no credibility! The vaccine is safe? I personally know of numerous people who have had permanent adverse reactions to the vaccine that the medical establishment has not recorded. Ranging from weakness as much as three months later to death.

  4. This “conclusion” was rather predictable. ViHaKesef Yaaneh es haKol.

    But mandating a Covid vaccine for children would, indeed, be something very new.

    As he said, (most of) those mandated shots have been around for “decades and decades”, very unlike these Covid shots.

    Furthermore, the numbers show that Covid does not infect children and, in the rare cases that it does, they are either asymptomatic or simply recover and move on.

    So the Covid shots should not be mandated. Period.

    But, since he brought it up, (private) school attendance should not be conditioned on getting any childhood shots.

  5. Stevenn is obviously brainwashed
    He thinks kids should be mandated a shot for an illness which doesn’t harm them, for which they can still get infected and transmit to people around them . Studies only proved vaccine can lower severity. Period. Since kids don’t have severe illness, the shot is a bad idea. All of the risk, none of the benefit. This is all about $$$$ and Fauci is ROLLING in profits from his patents. Enriching himself is so easy

  6. Whoever pushed the policy to kick out children for not being fully up to date with all vaccines will be eating the fruits of their labor now.

    You thought it did not effect you. You thought it was only targeting those crazy uneducated conspiracy theories who don’t “trust science” and don’t trust the government to make medical decisions for their children.

    Well, now we will all reap what you have sowed!

  7. Mindful:
    Alternatively, the question might be how many people will stop “trusting science”, as this whole Covid vaccine debacle gets even more absurd.

  8. Under the Constitution, public health matters are up to the states.

    Under Federal law, the CDC has no authority in the matter. The various schools under Federal control (e.g. on Indian reservations, in the military, in prisons, etc.) are all governed by someone other than CDC.

    Given that his agency apparently has admitted that the vaccine has not worked as intended (it doesn’t make the recipient immune to the virus, and doesn’t prevent then from spreading the virus), he should try some humility.