Williamsburg: Hundreds Gather To Protest Missionaries


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Hundreds of people gathered at Bedford Ave and Wallabout Street on Thursday night to protest against missionaries who have been showing up lately in the area.

Besides for the massive number of people on the street, many cars passed by honking heir horns – drowning out their microphone.

The NYPD responded and had them leave the area.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Well done.
    Too bad flatbush people don’t have the will power to fight missionaries like the real Jews in Williamsburg. Flatbush has two missionary centers on Coney Island ave. Maybe if the flatbush crowd would wear longer skirts and no laced wigs their heads would be more focused on the truth.

  2. Why should we chase them away?
    Our Yiddishkeit is a powerful enough religion, not to become influenced from speeches of other religions. Let them talk as much as they want.

  3. Missionaries are not even succeeding much in reform Jewish circles as most of their youth are atheistic. It’s not like 1970s when the secular youth were flocking to missionaries and cults.

  4. Ader, why chase them away? Because the Torah tells us to. This is one of the few areas where American values clash with Torah values, and we have to choose the Torah over America.

  5. 147, that is not going to happen. Nobody in frum communities has been wearing masks, or distancing, since last Shavuos, and yet has there been a disaster? No, there has not been. We had a terrible two months, and since then nothing significant.

  6. 147, a bona fide Jew haters we have here. Sounds like you would be incredibly happy to see Jews die because we don’t go along with your irrational leftist ideologies. But you’ll keep on waiting like Haman waited…