WATCH: Biden Speech Riddled With Colossal Blunders

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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President Biden was all full of gaffes when he delivered a speech in Illinois on Thursday.

He first misgendered Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a woman, by addressing her ‘Mr mayor’.

“Mr Mayor, thanks for the passport into town.”

The blunders did not stop there. During the same speech he struggled while recalling President of Illinois’ State Senate Don Harmon’s name.

He then said the following:

“And also, we’ve got state leadership here. Lieutenant Governor Juliana is here — Stratton. And the Ohio-Pennsyl- –the Ohio-Pennsylvania — I’m from Pennsylvania. The Illinois President, Don Harmon; State Senator Laura Murphy; State Rep. Martin Moylan.

And we’ve got great labor leaders here, too. Tim — where’s Tim? There you go, Tim. Thank you. Thank you, pal. AFL-CIO State President. And Jeff Isaacson, United Brotherhood of Carpenters. And Don Finn, IBEW. And Robert Riter — Reiter — R-E-I-T-E-R — Reiter — of the Chicago Federation of Labor.

And, folks, that’s how we beat COVID-19: by working together.”

The list of gaffes for one day was yet to finish and Biden confused the words ‘television’ and ‘telephone’ and said that he was on television instead of saying he was on phone.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. the democRATS didn’t want Trump so they put this senile person into office.
    They got what they voted for.
    So help us all if he goes and CAMELa gets into office..

  2. It’s actions that count. we previously had a president that was very charismatic speaker with a great sense of humor but wasn’t doing enough for covid..

  3. Nary an issue! He’s not Trump, not Republican! What’s the issue? Likely he’ll even get reelected! Everything is fine in America.

  4. Why would this deserve a headline, it’s been pretty obvious since the day he was elected, that the treasonous DemonRat party with the collusion of the major media has hoisted on the American people a demented Alzheimer diseased treasonous Marxist America hating old fool.
    This guy is NOT running the country, it is being run by revolutionary America hating leftists and Marxists this fool has surrounded himself with.
    If you want a glimpse hour our country will look like by the end of this Marxist administration, just look at Venezuela and Cuba.

    Let us all pray for our once great country

  5. Elder abuse is being committed openly in front of the cameras. We just don’t know who the people are who put him in office and who are guiding him.

  6. This man is nuts. He can’t even read off of a darn teleprompter. Old cranky senile privileged WHITE racist male. He belongs in his seat down at the dog track eating his free matinee lunch. I’m sure all the Trump haters are so proud of Joe Biden. A real true uniter.

  7. You are being rude and unfair, since:

    1. He’s well beyond the age that any other country would let a leader still do anything that matter (Queen Elizabeth is older, but she doesn’t do political stuff and doesn’t do anything spontaneously in public)

    2. He’s a Democrat who has to tote a WOKE line which would take anyone a while to learn. The only similar to being WOKE is to being a character in the book “1984”. It is hard to remember to say “up” when something is “down”, or “good” when something is “bad”.

  8. sorry folks, he is a blunder, the best news though is HASHEM IS RUNNING THE ‘WHOLE WORLD’____by now it is obvious that Biden’s total rule now is to remove as much cash as possible and hide it___

  9. Biden has a stutter. Thats what all his disfluencies are about. His stutter makes him seem senile, but I doubt it. He’s certainly doing a good job forcing and manipulating and coercing and controlling the country to get vaccinated. I doubt someone who is senile could do that. Someone who stutters could.

  10. Also breaking news: an independent news outlet recently mocked the infelicities of speech of an elderly man who has long been open about his speech impediment and presented it as an item of interest. readers observed four oddities about the report: (1) the simultaneous use of double and single quotation marks, a grammatically baseless practice originating from a misunderstanding of a distinction in an Elizabeth Anscombe essay from half a century ago in which a philosophical observation about the use/mention distinction was being made in a way that required deviation from standard punctuation and which is parroted nowadays exclusively in pretentious writing by people who are unaware of this origin story and mistakenly believe that they are perpetuating a grammatical distinction that will make them appear learned; (2) the appearance of a sentence that, despite being one of only six original sentences, contains two independent clauses with no punctuation to indicate this; (3) the incoherent clause “instead of saying he was on phone”; (4) a complete lack of awareness of the irony of situation present in the construction of a news report meant entirely to deride someone’s language use which itself misuses language so thoroughly.

  11. to those who think peaceful loving elements of Biden are foolish and if they many of the above ridicule us for our truths. Let them digest it as we are__Biden is a fool and so are most of the political leaders which should let any person of sense recognize that Hashem now 100 percent runs this world…Biden not much different than Hitler, both turned on their country men and this one capable of equal destruction…..come home JEWS