MAILBAG: An Open Letter and Warning to the Jewish Community and Dov Hikind


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Dov Hikind said he’s going to vote for Inna Vernikov even though he’s registered to vote in Nassau County.

Dov Hikind is no longer a Brooklyn resident.

Dov Hikind sold his Brooklyn house, moved to Nassau County years ago, and registered to vote in Woodmere.

Hasn’t there been enough criminal prosecution of frum guys already.

Dov Hikind is in the Jewish Vues and the Flatbush Jewish Journal proudly standing next to Chaim Deutsch who’s reporting to Federal prison this Friday.

Why must they flaunt the authorities after all the damage they did to our community.

Dov Hikind must apologize for threatening to violate election law by voting in a district he’s never lived in.

Government authorities pay attention to things like this and we can’t afford another Chillul Hashem in our community.

For the sake of himself and the Jewish community, Dov Hikind must apologize immediately and explain this as a misunderstanding or whatever it is.

We don’t need news headlines of another frum politician being sentenced to prison.

In this week’s Jewish Vues Inna Vernikov says “the two most respected frum politicians in Flatbush are obviously Chaim Deutsch and Dov Hikind.”

Inna Vernikov has no ties to the Flatbush community besides when she played a key role in the Yoni Hikind campaign so it’s no surprise she made an off the wall statement like that.

We are fortunate to have Councilman Kalman Yeger, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein and Senator Simcha Felder representing us in government.

They’re not voting for her but that doesn’t mean she has to insult them and the community.

Inna must immediately apologize as well, her comment is disgraceful and shows how out of touch she is.

Chaim Silverman – Flatbush

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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  1. Hey, what’s with the anti-Hikind obsession? This is the second attack on Dov. You can have your issues with him. But we already got the message.

  2. Hikind has made a career of being the poster child of chilul hashem. His loud, arrogant, and boorish behavior may have been in vogue during the Trumpkopf era where he cloaked himself as a defender of Yidden and fighting anti-semitism but his actions today are more reminiscent of a slightly polished Heshy Tischler.

  3. I don’t live in Flatbush and I don’t know the particulars, but this sounds like a smear campaign to me and reflects badly on the other side.

  4. way over the top , mixing yotzros , chaim has nothing to do w this, a public servant paying dearly for minor infractions in the context of his career. who cares if dov votes for whoever… the only mistake here is that flatbush will lose because of the pettiness & divisive campaign & flatbush doesnt have the leadership to settle politics before it mushrooms into mud slinging

  5. YWN, I wonder does it cost more to post these anti-Inna articles by bogus writers (with very common Jewish sounded names obviously) or it included in Advertisement deal on your website?
    I don’t know where does Dov Hikind lives these days, but I am sure an ordinary man like me would not even know (or care) but this Chaim Silverman seems to be very knowledgeable about his life if it’s true what he writes. Both recent articles keep writing about how clean is Steven’s campaign compare to dirty campaign of Inna, but how ironic that all we read its a dirt after dirt with lies about people who support Inna. Not sure who Kalman support and both Simcha’s support, but you don’t have to be genius to see that Kalman would not be too happy to support a candidate that Dov is helping (after the war they had on Yoni’s campaign), knowing personally Simcha Felder, he told me he does not endorse anyone and he can not vote in that district, as he leaves in Kensington. (so it is lies that he supports Steven). Maybe Simcha is still angry at Starobin who is supporting Inna, but I doubt it. And Ezra, is usually always would support Democrats knowing about his ties with Ezra Friedlander who is a right hand of Nadler & Schumer (2 “great” Jews” who I think Steven Saperstein would support)
    How ironic the writer above writes “Inna Vernikov has no ties to the Flatbush community” Maybe it’s a true she is not hiding that she is proud Russian Jew, who actually went thru RAJE, a kiruv program that helped many Jews to get connected to Yiddishkeit, and keeps Shabbat and Kosher. While Steven comes from the same neighborhoods, as he writes on his website “I grew up in neighborhoods of Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach” how does that connects him to Jewish Community of Flatbush? I know his name sound like a very Jewish, maybe even frum candidate, but the truth is that he was only known in other part of the district where he tried to run previously, but Inna is much more Jewish oriented and understand the need of frum community.
    I saw a radio interview with Russian listeners, where he brought his Russian speaking wife to make believe that he is a “Russian” candidate, and I am sure when he goes to Flatbush, he makes people wonder if he is frum. But he said he has full support of Eric Adams, and he likes him very much so why were being told that he switched to Democrat’s not for his views. So if you like Adams, go ahead and vote for Steven, but if think that Adams will be even worse than De Blasio, think twice for getting someone in the city council who will give him full support instead of opposition.
    Last point, how is he going to fight for Yeshivas, if on his campaign the primary endorsement is from UFT Teachers Union who we know hate Private schooling and want to have funding only for public schools. The Union head writes a word of praise for Steven, and I think people should be concerned.

  6. I admit that I remember Dov from his days in JDL and never held him in high regard.
    City records do show that he sold his house on Avenue L in July 2020. Where is he voting this election?

  7. I mean to write Simcha Eichenstein (not Ezra) when I wrote he is usually always would support Democrats knowing about his ties with Ezra Friedlander who is a right hand of Nadler & Schumer (2 “great” Jews” who I think Steven Saperstein would support)

  8. What’s going on these days with ywn. They are stooping very low in the local haimish/jewish community. Everything they post is extremely pro left. And who cares what some guy by the name of chaim silverman from flatbush says about Dov Hikind. Dov was here for us at all times in when.he was in office and post his political job.
    Ywn needs to grow up and understand that absorbing and promoting extreme left policies on their site will only bring them down lower and lower until they hardly have any readers.
    Show gratitude where it’s due. Dov was here when all our own bs politicians like kalman yeger were nowhere to be found.

  9. Talk about out of touch! This letter writer thinks that trashing Chaim Deutsch is going to win votes? That man has literally saved LIVES in our community. Something Saperstein and Vernikov know nothing about. I’d rather vote for Chaim to represent me again than either one of these clowns. But let me tell you Mr. Saperstein – if you win this, it will be in spite of the way you treated Chaim Deutsch, not because of. Shame on you.

  10. yeshayalev are you aware that Chaim Deutsch openly endorsed Inna today? So you are right he doesnt want Saperstein to win. a write in vote for Chaim is a vote for Saperstein.

  11. “What’s going on these days with ywn…. Everything they post is extremely pro left”
    Teal: Talk about living in an alternative universe…..Are you trying to be sarcastic or just gone totally looney tunes?? Scroll through the stories on the News Pages from the past month alone. At least half are headlines either trashing DeBlasio (totally appropriate) or with teasers with “Watch This” or “Read This” followed by some dumb stock photo of Biden with his latest gaffe. As you can tell, I’m not always a big fan of the YWN editorial viewpoint but to claim they’ve gone extremely pro-left implies serious cognitive discord at your end.

  12. Where is Tushler here when we need him most? We need him to stand side by side with Hinkind. We need both of them to make a Tushler of each other.
    We say in politics – one hand wipes the other – so true here!!!
    All don’t forget to write in Tushlers name –
    Behind every great man –
    There is a great Tushler!!!!
    And don’t forget to listen to my show.
    And don’t forget to hire Bumie as a lawyer .
    And don’t forget it’s pizza night

  13. YWN calls this article “Mailbag”. However, given the trash that the writer puts in it should be called —-bag,)
    To besmirch Chaim Deutsch, is really a chutzpah oyom v’norah. He is a man who did so much for the community for so many years that I would trade my fate for his olom habah. Ask anyone in Flatbush and they will tell you of the toivos he did for the last 25 years. Nobody comes close to him in this regard.
    Ask any Rov and they will only give him shvach v’hodoa.
    In regard to Ina Vernikov, she has that same commitment and devotion to our community. She has stood up for yidden with the Board of Ed and any group that espouses or tolerates hate against us.
    This is not new to her. She has been fighting those that hate us since her activism in college. This is what the Rabonim who support her see in her and thus has gained their support.
    I say that this overrides some Askonim who only look at the cash and nothing else. Some of them are the same people who have given Deblasio money every time he has run.
    The community is smart enough to see this and that is why most will vote for Vernikov.

  14. Why is Yeshiva World posting these fake letters?

    Chaim Deutsch has done more for our community than Sapirstein ever will. (even if he gets elected)
    (he was booted out in a political hit job for a minor offense for just this reason
    – he advocated and came through on behalf of our community)

    and guess what? In that same issue of “the vues”, Sapirstein is still lying by using the picture of him with
    Rabbi Reisman. If he thinks we’re that stupid, can we really trust anything he says?

  15. in todays FJJ Saperstein once again has a picture of rabbi reisman, his people took down Inna flyers on Avenue M, very low thing to do, his campaign manager named Angela Pinkhasova (Pink) attacked Inna’s campaign folks outside an early polling site on Quentin Rd. and used crude and offensive language implying something of a sexual nature, he is a UFT MEMBER not just endorsed by them, where are his values if he switched parties and by the way Republicans do get the same discretionary money as Democrats.

  16. Wow. Team Saperstein must really be getting desperate. Putting out these stupid daily letters bashing Hikind, as if that’s going to win over voters who would of otherwise voted for Vernikov. Dov Hikind is NOT on the ballot. Whoever is using this strategy has the brains of an immature 3 year old.

  17. YWN – I’m pretty surprised by this letter. You went out of your way not to report on the whole sad Chaim Deutsch story when it was happening – presumably on account of Hilchos Lashon Hara – but now that you’re opposing his political view, all that has gone out the window. I fail to see the Halachic reasoning behind this change (political expediency doesn’t count as a valid reason according to Halacha) – can you please provide an explanation?

    You hold yourself forth as a Halachicly-guided “Kosher” news source – but this “letter from the mailbag” seems to fall short of your standards.

    an Israeli Yid