DEBLASIO’S NYC: 26 Firehouses Shuttered Due To Staff Shortages As Firefighters Protest Vax Mandate


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Twenty-six New York City firehouses were forced to close on Saturday amid an FDNY “sickout” in protest at the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Hundreds of FDNY workers have reportedly been taking paid sick leave in protest over the mandate, which came into effect at 5pm on Friday.

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican whose district includes Staten Island and Brooklyn, said five firehouses had closed in her district alone.

“If someone dies due to a slower emergency response, it’s on Bill de Blasio and his overreaching mandates. I hope this fool fixes it ASAP!”

The FDNY said on Friday vaccination rates across the department had reached 77 per cent, after a surge just ahead of the mandate taking effect. The mandate is expected to start being enforced on Monday.

City Councilman Joe Borelli, who represents Staten Island and chairs the committee on fire and emergency management, said 26 shuttered companies was an “unconscionable number”.

“I doubt New Yorkers care about the vaccine status of the person applying defibrillators to their chest,” he told the Post.

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said the exodus of firefighters on sick leave was “unacceptable”.

He added the department had plans in place to mitigate staff shortages.

“We will use all means at our disposal, including mandatory overtime, mutual aid from other EMS providers, and significant changes to the schedules of our members,” Pix11 reported.

FDNY Companies Out of Service as of 10/30:

• Engine 48,
• Engine 88
• Ladder 17
• Ladder 59

• Engine 65
• Ladders 21
• Ladder 36

• Engine 227
• Engine 231
• Engine 239
• Engine 249
• Engine 280
• Engine 290
• Engine 323
• Ladder 103
• Ladder 106
• Ladder 122
• Ladder 149
• Ladder 176

Staten Island
• Engine 158
• Ladder 79

• Engine 307
• Ladder 128
• Ladder 160

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Every normal rational normal person with any intelligence whatsoever clearly comprehends that Corona is infinitely more dangerous than is fire.
    If don’t believe it, just look at the horrifying statistics:- Far more dead from Corona than from fire.

  2. Throw them out …just like President Regan did to air traffic controllers . The law is the law , whether you agree , or disagree .When a fire inspector comes ,& gives a $1000.00 violation for a burned out exit light , can you fight it …NO .When a sanitation inspector gives a violation for debris on the sidewalk in front of your house can you fight it …No . So why are city workers above the law ????

  3. DeBlasio should be removed from office, due to his insanity. His actions are totally irrational.
    Reducing police, firefighters, and health personnel at a time like this is criminal. People in need of the life saving services of the aforementioned were themselves most likely vaccinated -so if the vaccine works what’s the issue??? And even if those in need of the services, were not vaccinated they’d rather have the unvaccinated service them than not get service at all. DeBlasio’s mental state warrants his removal from officel