Likud MK Compares Israel’s COVID Rules to Holocaust; Gets Kicked Out Of Session


A Likud lawmaker was kicked out of a Knesset hearing after comparing Covid-19 rules to the Holocaust.

MK Gadi Yevarkan made the comments during a hearing for the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.

Yevarkan decried the widespread use of Israel’s “Green Pass,” which is only available to those who have received a booster shot or have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months.

“The majority of Israelis don’t have a ‘Green Pass,'” Yevarkan said. “Millions of Israelis are without one; you’re leaving out millions of citizens.”

“Do like they’re doing in Austria, that’s what you want to do,” he shouted, referencing the country’s lockdown for the unvaccinated. “All that’s missing is concentration camps.”

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz responded to the MK’s comments, saying they border on Holocaust denial.

“The comparison MK Yevarkan made is sickening,” Horowitz said. “The comments are bordering on Holocaust denial, and it’s a particularly disgusting statement against medical workers who are giving their souls for public health.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. What’s disgusting is to force medical workers to vaccinate against their own better judgment. Jew haters and terror supporters are allowed to speak in the knesset. But don’t you dare say anything against the tyrannical covid regime.

  2. Whenever someone brings up equating a situation to the Holocaust, it only cheapens that what was a most horrible time in history that has no comparison! But we hear this over and over again. It doesn’t make it right for Jews or Gentiles to make such statements. Nothing comes close to the Holocaust horrors. Hear me? Nothing!

  3. The holocaust thing, while true, takes away from the argument. Millions are left out and these rules are causing inequity on a high level. While I’ll agree that it’s easiest just to get the vaccine, people should not be forced or treated differently because they decide not to.

  4. Not a single one of these MK’s made any reference to the viciousness of having barred we authentic Jews from entry to Israel, because clearly these MK’s simply don’t care about we Frum Chutznokim Jews {except for our wallets} nor about the law of return.

  5. there is nothing mindful in any of these statements…anything to do with a certain time in history is MINDFULNESS….towards JEWS and the HOLOCAUST__this man’s speech is pathetic, he is drawing from theatre, if he is a planted Israeli like myself, then he better regard himself as a jew and not otherwise and shut his mouth

  6. The Zionists are very touchy about the Holocaust because they base a lot of propaganda on the Zionist lies about the Holocaust, totally ignoring Zionist culpability in much of the Holocaust, like the million Jews of Hungary and much, much more.