Har Nof Woman in Serious Condition After Clothes Catch Fire From Shabbos Candles


On Friday night, just after Shabbos began, a woman in her early sixties was seriously injured after her clothes caught fire from her own Shabbos candles.

The incident took place on HaAdmor Mi Ruzhin Street in Har Nof.

Volunteers from United Hatzalah and ambulance teams from Magen David Adom responded to the incident and treated the woman who was in serious condition and suffered severe burns to her upper body. She was intubated and sedated when she arrived a the hospital.

Shaare Tzedek Hospital issued a statement on Saturday night stating that the woman is hospitalized in the intensive care unit and “arrived in very serious condition.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. While I wish her a speedy Refuoh Shlemoh and ask people who know to post her name for tehilim, I wonder whether her cloth were stained with some oily cream. Clothes don’t just catch and spread fire like this.

  2. She may have been wearing something with loose sleeves and as she leaned across, her sleeve could have caught fire. How terrible, the pain she must be in! What is her name for Tehillim?

    BTW… I always light mine from the back towards the front for that very reason. And taller candlesticks are also at the back, with the smaller ones at the front.

  3. Most of the real big Rabbis from the previous generation and also most of the real big Rabbis from our generation, they all agree that you can use your electric lights for candle lighting. If you know that in your home, there is a slight possibility that maybe it can cause a fire, please do not be “Machmir”, use your regular electric lights and Hashem will send to you the same great reward like the ones who use candles. Ask your Rav and you will see that I am saying 100% the truth.
    Wishing all of you a healthy winter.

  4. Her name for davening is
    Assumptions about what might and might not have happened are not useful to anyone. The best thing to do is DAVEN, DAVEN, DAVEN.

  5. It is very possible that after such a story, the Rabbanim are going to advise the people that they should start using the electric lights and try to avoid using candles. Please don’t forget, Pikuach Nefesh comes first and candles comes second. Please ask your Rav.