Morgues Are Overflowing As Israel Breaks Record Of Seriously Ill Cases

Workers prepare a body before a funeral procession at a special morgue for people who died from COVID-19 in the central Israeli city of Holon, near Tel Aviv, January 10, 2021. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

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Israel broke its record of seriously ill patients on Friday with 1,213 patients, the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic, with the number rising to 1,263 by Sunday.

A total of 755 Israelis died of COVID in the month of January alone, and 299 Israelis died of COVID in the past week, with the total death toll now standing at 9,139.

A Chevra Kadisha worker told B’Chadrei Chareidim that they are struggling to deal with the record-high number of niftarim, unprecedented in number since the pandemic began.

“The morgues are overflowing,” he said. “We’re doing intensive work of performing taharos around the clock, without a spare moment.”

“Within three weeks, I tended to over 140 COVID niftarim. I haven’t seen anything like this. I had almost 20 COVID niftarim within 24 hours last week. and that’s just in the geographical area we’re responsible for.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Are these vaccinated people, unvaccinated people, people with preexisting conditions, people without preexisting conditions……? Why is this happening if it is true that omicron is less potent?

  2. This is what the “foolish” anti vaxxers warned about
    That these poorly tested barely understood vaccines would turn out to be not only useless but quite dangerous
    I am scared to see where this goes
    Israel is the most vaccinated country in the world and this is the headline? This is what the ignored experts warned about- ADE autoimmune dependent enhancement
    Where the vaccinated animal or test subject would get sicker from the wild virus after vaccination
    It’s why these vaccines have never made it to market before this pandemic