Open Letter From The Misaskim Organization Following The Passing Of Founder, Reb Yanky Meyer Z”L


As we mourn the heartbreaking loss of our founder and mentor, R’ Yanky “Jack” Meyer zt”l, we reflect upon his unmatched initiative and ingenuity, his relentless efforts on behalf of those in need or in pain, and his selfless dedication to all of Klal Yisroel.

Beyond his unparalleled legacy of chesed and achievements, R’ Yanky zt”l, through his deeds, left behind a blueprint for current and future askanim, baalei chesed, and organizations to mirror, emulate, and incorporate into their own work for generations to come.

His loss cannot be overestimated, and no number of tributes can do justice to the enormity of his life work and colossal impact of his altruism and self-sacrifice.

Yet as we grieve, we take solace from R’ Yanky’s remarkable perspicacity and foresight, particularly his meticulous installment of supremely competent and dedicated managers within Misaskim and Project Yedid, as well as the entrenchment of his dedication, sensitivity, and unfailing operational soundness in every aspect and facet of Misaskim’s work. R’ Yanky not only founded Misaskim and Project Yedid, but also designed them to be edifices of chesed beyond his lifetime and immediate direction.

As such, the mission and services of Misaskim and Project Yedid endure. Our dozens of members will continue forging forward, their commitment to chesed’s calling unwavering and unchanged. Our offices remain filled with dispatchers and support staff ready to answer each call for assistance and every individual in need.

The communal and organizational tragedy of R’ Yanky’s loss cannot be overlooked or overestimated, yet his presence is everlasting and will direct our operations, services, and mission in perpetuity.

Dov Schmaltz
Meyer Weil
YItzchok Grossman

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. bh
    Wonder , Is this a Fundraising Letter or what ??
    Lets mispallell that He be a Good Shliach (as he was here ) to ask
    Hashem for Healthy and Zissa New Year with Mossiach coming right and away AMEN