Hunter Biden FINALLY Admits Laptop Is His, Threatens Fox, Rudy, Bannon With Defamation, Demands Retractions


Hunter Biden’s lawyers are demanding Fox News to correct some of its coverage about the president’s son or face a defamation lawsuit, according to the Washington Post. The lawyers also sent threatening letters to other individuals, including Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani.

Biden became the subject of continuous coverage in conservative media after his infamous laptop was left at a Delaware repair store in 2019 and the repairman, John Paul Mac Isaac, made copies of the hard drive, which contained information about Biden’s business dealings, as well as controversial photos and videos of Biden. The hard drive was later sent to Giuliani and made public.

Abbe Lowell, one of Biden’s lawyers, sent letters to the Justice Department and Delaware’s attorney general requesting investigations into the individuals involved in disseminating the data from the laptop. Another lawyer, Bryan M. Sullivan, sent a letter to Tucker Carlson and Fox News demanding that they correct falsehoods from a recent show or risk a possible defamation lawsuit. Lowell also wrote to the Internal Revenue Service challenging the nonprofit status of Marco Polo, a group run by conservative activist Garrett M. Ziegler, with 36 pages of evidence that the group is violating its nonprofit status by engaging in political activity.

According to a source familiar with the legal strategy, Biden has had enough of the inaccurate coverage and is not going to sit quietly as media organizations spread lies and defame him. Biden’s attorneys are alleging Fox News defamed him when Tucker Carlson claimed Biden funneled $50,000 to his father, Joe Biden, which was incorrect. Biden is seeking apologies from other Fox News commentators, including Sean Hannity.

An attorney for Biden also sent a criminal referral for Mac Isaac to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, claiming that Mac Isaac did not have consent to access the contents of the files in April 2019 or at any other time.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Clearly Hunter is not the sharpest knife in the drawer……..sort of like Trump calling a news conference or tweeting to deny that he is either the dumbest or most misogynistic individual to hold public office or argue that he wouldn’t of raped a particular woman because she “wasn’t my type” (unlike Stormy Daniels who apparently was).

  2. > “the repairman, John Paul Mac Isaac, made copies of the hard drive”

    Very misleading (using Biden attorney’s method it would even be defamatory). The hard drive was dying, so the recovery process requires copying off the data to a safe storage unit, and from there visual verification that the copy process functioned on the dying hard drive. And once he noticed he had possible child pornography on the computer, then he had to report it to the authorities or else seriously risk he himself being raided for possession of child pornography. So we have these lawyers demanding from the DOJ to punish anyone who reports possible crimes to the authorities (as long as the possible crimes came from a Democrat). And to also violate First Amendment Rights by punishing anyone who reports such possible crimes to the media.

  3. Assuming you are correct regarding the inappropriate illegal content (which has been repeated denied by Hunter’s legal team and informally disputed by federal investigators who would immediately have acted if they had found such materials), the proper notice would have been to the FBI, not Fox News nor Crazy Rudy. This repairman could have shared his perception of “possible crimes” but he does NOT have any legal rights to share personal information in order to gain notoriety, sell a book, or earn fees from Fox News and NewsMax.

  4. Dorah,

    Your valiant Little Dutch Boy efforts are failing, despite your usual attempts to conflate such stories with inane word salad worthy of Kamala. Everyone now knows the truth about Brainless Brandon and his scumbag son.

    You should probably find a more useful way to spend the last ten days of life that you’ve been allotted according to the boomerang curse that you cast upon yourself.

  5. Hadofi,

    The world has been waiting with bated breath for the past 2 and half years that the laptop has been in the hands of Biden’s enemies for all the illegal stuff to come out .

    Nothing . Just a bunch of conspiracy theories.

  6. 1. Hunter Biden’s threat to sue for defamation sounds like a strategy that Trump uses against people who report his wrongdoing. I do not yet know the truth of the allegations against Hunter, and, unlike Trump, Hunter may follow through on his threats.

    Trump and other Republicans have been making allegations against Hunter since 2018, and, so far, nothing has come of it. As a Democrat, I want them to do a thorough investigation and prosecute, or shut up.

  7. Gadolhadorah.1)this is an article about hunter but you are so full of trump hate that you measure all morality in the world against the trump yardstick.
    2) you would be healthier mentally if you spent an hour or two a day off of YWN because they clearly don’t have your points of view.
    3)you have some weird and creepy way of bringing stormy daniels into your posts in a manner entirely irrelevant to the topic at hand
    4)I’m not sure if you are ignorant or intentionally misleading because he gave the laptop to the FBI in December of 2019 because he was subpoenad by a grand jury who WERE INVESTIGATING BIDEN.however, they didn’t do anything. Some might argue that this is due to a double standard ,but we don’t expect that of gadolhadorah, i doubt you can think for yourself.
    However, when making statements please remain objective and speak the truth,this is publicly available info.

  8. Also, I know that your blind support for a party without a moral compass might have skewed your own moral compass, but even if it is illegal, he knew the info and he wanted to pass it on to the world. The way to do that is turn it over to the press. I will continue to call out your false information because you are taking g advantage of a crowd that relies on limited resources to get its information and you have no problem making things up

  9. Dopi: We shall see in a year or two which one was just “inept’ versus “criminal”….I’m not a big fan of either although I don’t think the Biden’s are smart enough to have engaged in anything criminal. Two special counsel are at the starting gate…..I’ll put my money on Trump winning taxpayer funded housing verus Biden wandering around clueless trying to find the keys to his Corvette which he is sure he left in the manila folder marked “top secret” in the garage in Wilmington.

  10. “I’ll put my money on Trump winning taxpayer funded housing verus Biden wandering around clueless trying to find the keys to his Corvette which he is sure he left in the manila folder marked “top secret” in the garage in Wilmington“

    Too bad I can’t bet you but I don’t think either will be put there