TOTALLY GONE: Sen. Feinstein Has No Memory Of Her Senate Absence [HEAR THE AUDIO]

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is assisted to a wheelchair by staff and greeted by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., right, as she returns to the Senate after a more than two-month absence, at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, May 10, 2023. Feinstein arrived at the Capitol in a silver Lexus — not a hearse, as some on social media have claimed. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Senator Diane Feinstein of California returned to the Senate last week after a 2 1/2 month absence during which the 89-year-old underwent treatment for shingles.

The problem? She seems to have no recollection of being missing from Washington.

“What has the response from your colleagues been like? The well-wishes, what have you heard,” Ben Oreskes of the Los Angeles Times asked Feinstein about her return.

“What have I heard about what,” Feinstein replied.

Oreskes asked again about her absence, but the senator appeared to have no recollection of it.

“No, I haven’t been gone… I haven’t been gone I’ve been working,” she insisted. “I’ve been voting. Please, either know or don’t know.”

Feinstein is the oldest US senator and has been serving in the position since 1992. She has already stated that she will not seek reelection in 2024.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Hillary’s memory was so bad that even her computer hardl drive didn’t remember anything, then we have biden whose mind is toasted, so why not Feinstein for president

  2. Why did you say, a pandemic, no I never heard such thing.. Ukraine? What about it? No never heard anything about Russia, it’s in your mind…