Murderer of Chosson Hershy Schwartz Z”L Taken Into Custody In Florida


A suspect accused of murdering chosson Hershy Schwartz z”l in North Miami Beach on Sunday, February 19, was taken into custody by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday.

Louis Antuwn Redmon, 23, of Jacksonville, is charged with murder in the first degree, armed robbery, armed carjacking, and weapons offenses.

Hershy z”l, originally from Monsey, was living in Miami Beach, where he was a member of chesed organizations, including Chesed Shel Emes and Chaverim of South Florida. Hershy z”l was a ben bayis for many years the home of Rabbi Marc Rosenberg, the head of Chesed Shel Emes of Florida.

He was found in his vehicle after being shot three times sometime overnight in a parking lot located at the corner of 1st Avenue and 167th Street in North Miami.

His murderer is now being held without bail.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. How dare waste Florida taxpayers’ money on this savage. Simply shoot him thrice מידה כנגד מידה and throw his carcass to the sharks
    If no bullets available, simply throw him to the sharks, alive

  2. To the YWN editor. Maybe, if you called the arrested man a “suspected” murderer, 147 would not be so eager to kill him before any appropriate legal procedure.

  3. 147, I disagree. If proven guilty of the murder, he should be laid to rest on an operating table and have is organs and bodily tissue forceably donated to patients. Or, if not medically suitable for donation, then a medical school (Just think of the educational value in a LIVE VIVISECTION!), and/or otherwise donated to medicine/science for the betterment of mankind.

  4. “florida has real law enforcement types”

    Hasn’t helped. Jacksonville has 3x the homicide rate of NYC. Maybe that is the reason it elected a Democratic Mayor last Tuesday. Jacksonville had been the largest US city run entirely by Republicans.

  5. huju,

    Maybe, if you invite the “suspected murderer” for a sleepover, we’d never again have to worry about your using this site as a latrine for your woke excrement.

  6. Re Not getting involved. with a name like ANTWN what do you think? And that is why i left the good old US of A. Oh that reminds ne NFL season is starting shortly. Now that i like.

  7. A hardline nationalist pushback is coming to our country. When it happens, not only the violent thugs but their champions among the political, legal and activist classes will be pursued with a vengeance. A couple of years ago, the Rimanover Rebbe of Boro Park shlit”a spoke about this in a drosha. WE CAN ONLY RELY ON HASHEM, because if past is prologue, then we good, decent Jews are at grave risk of being swept up in the cataclysm. DO TESHUVAH NOW.