Johannesburg, South Africa: Frum Couple Seriously Hurt In MVA


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tehillim3.jpg(Click on image to ENLARGE) A middle aged couple were R”L hit by a car on Friday night as they were walking back from a Shabbos Seudah. Apparently, there was a big storm and total blackout at the time of the accident. Please be Mispallel for Moshe Reuven ben Trudy and Miriam bas Shaina Rivka. He is in critical condition and she is B”H stable.

(YW News Desk)


  1. These are wonderful people and very respected people of Johannesburg he volunteered and set up the buisness side for the Johannesburg Bais Din and the Montreal Kosher for them to be successful and organized, and his wife teaches all the girls to get married may they have a speedy Refuah Shilamah