Av Beth Din Of Strasbourg Confers With Vaad Of Montreal


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stras.jpgRabbi Mordechai Seckbach, the Av Beth Din of Strasbourg, visited the offices of the Vaad Ha’ir of Montreal on Wednesday, the 14th of November. Whilst visiting companies in Montreal bearing MK certification, Rabbi Seckbach took the opportunity to meet with members of the Kashrus department of the Vaad and compare notes in reference to standards used at companies bearing Kosher certification. Besides for certifying many flavor companies in Europe, Rabbi Seckbach heads up the Shechita of Strasbourg and is a much sought-after Dayan.

During his visit, Rabbi Seckbach mentioned his Rebbe, Rabbi Shmerler of Switzerland, who had trained him in all aspects of Kashrus at a young age. Rabbi Shmerler, the father-in-law of the Chief Rabbi of the Beth Din of Montreal, Rabbi Weiss, is still in close contact with Rabbi Seckbach in regards to Halachic questions which arise at companies.

Later on in the day, Rabbi Seckbach had the opportunity to attend the weekly Vaad Harabbonim meeting, where various topics in regards to Kashrus are raised. Rabbi Seckbach voiced his opinion on the various issues which were tabled, and prior to departing hw stated, “Finding a unified Vaad Harabbonim, such as the one that exists in Montreal, is very unique, and is something that Montreal should treasure and strengthen.”

Rabbi Seckbach traveled on to Eretz Yisrael at the end of his one day visit to Montreal.

(YW News Desk)


  1. Indeed the montreal VAAD and beis din is very impressive and “unique”.
    Its unfortunate that it isnt representative of the montreal jewish frum population. Its leaders and rabonim are almost all ashkenazi, while the consumers MOSTLY sepharadi…
    bet yosef, bishul akoum are follow the ashke. shitot.