Lakewood: Illegal Alien Arrested For Burglary


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lkwd pd8.jpgAccording to an Asbury Park Press report, Lakewood cops have arrested an illegal alien, and charged him with burglary – after being caught red-handed by police inside the Second Street Grocery Store.

According to their report, officers responded to a burglar alarm early Monday morning at the grocery store – and upon their arrival found 21-year-old Cesar Quintero Aguilar of Lakewood inside. Cops told the APP that the man had broken in through a door at the premises.

Police have reported him to immigration officials as someone believed to be an undocumented foreign-born illegal alien, and he is being held in the Ocean County Jail, in lieu of $20,000 bail.


  1. What’s the Second Street Grocery Store? Do you mean Corner of Second?

    Our illegal alien problem is so bad, sending one of them back isn’t gonna do anything!

  2. to add onto #12, we are always told that they (the illegals) are here to do things that the home grown don’t want. Sadly, we do have home grown who rob, kill, beat-up and otherways abuse that we don’t need these illegals – as I wrote before (and will probably write again) put them in boxes and send them back C.O.D.