NYC Murder Rate Lowest In 40 Years?


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NYC is on track to have fewer than 500 murders in 2007, which would make for the lowest rate in at least 40 years. There were 428 murders recorded as of Sunday – 412 killings and 16 crime victims who died from injuries suffered years ago. That makes the city’s average slightly more than one per day.

In the first half of 2007, New York City had a 5 percent decline in violent crimes, 23,887, down from 25,132. The city also had a 4 percent drop in property crimes for the first half of the year.

(Source: NY Times)


  1. It’s just that there were less crimes “officialy” reported to police. Many times they discourage people from filing a police report.Quality of life crimes are very disturbing,but police don’t take them seriously. Try reporting one on 911 and see if there is a response. By the time the police get to the scene,the action is over.

  2. This is about MURDER, not loud music. Remember the 2000+ murders per year under Dinkins? Figure out how many more people would be DEAD had NYC not elected Giuliani who set the pace for cleaning up your city.