NYPD Ramps Up Security at Jewish Institutions After France Shootings


The NYPD is adding extra security patrols in front of Jewish schools and community centers after a gunman overseas targeted children entering a religious school.

NYPD officials said there is no specific threat in New York, but there is always a concern of possible copycat or lone-wolf attacks here.

“The NYPD has taken the precaution of stepping up coverage of Jewish neighborhoods and institutions in the city,” said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne.

The security measures across the city come after a gunman opened fire in Toulouse, France Monday, killing three Jewish children and a rabbi. The shooter then fled on a motorbike.

In New York, extra NYPD vehicles could be seen stationed outside the Park East Synagogue, Temple Emanu-El, Israeli Mission, Yeshiva University, the Jewish Theological Seminary and Lubavitch World Headquarters, among other Jewish institutions.

(Source: NBC New York)


  1. If it was a French neo-nazi attacking non-Aryans (Arabs, a Black, Jews, etc.), there is no threat of a copycat here.

    If it was a Muslim terrorist attacking Jews, as well as Muslims who support the French government (i.e. the paratroopers who were killed), there is a real risk that future attacks will be in other countries that have been supporting the “War on Terror” (and contrary to many American popular perceptions, French troops have been actively involved in fighting Islamic fanatics).

  2. And what about the (at least) a dozen large yeshivas right here in Brooklyn?!?

    Even if the NYPD does provide some security for them, how long will it last? -a week? -two weeks?

    WE have to start taking responsibility to get security for OUR schools and shuls, BEFORE, chalila, something happens here.

  3. Let’s face it, there’s really nothing the cops can do to prevent a mass killing like this.

    What’s with the “outrage”? Are the French authorities responsible for a lone-wolf killer? This could happen anywhere.

    They didn’t stop the VT killing, the Columbine, or the Chardon Ohio killings.

    The cops are good for picking up the pieces after the attack.

    So for 2 weeks they’ll be a police presence. Then what? What if the killer is suicidal? Ten cops can’t stop him if he opens fire while they duck for cover.

    The community and institutions must learn to protect and defend their own premises. Learning self-defense techniques and preparing students and faculty for dealing with this sort of scenario. You won’t elminate the threat but you can minimize the fatalities.
    School officials must be armed and on patrol at all time when students crowd in large numbers upon arrival and dismissal times.

    Parents should organize shifts to assist the school. One lone rebbe can’t do much by himself in this schenario. Several adults at least have a chance to counter an attack and dealt with panicky children.

    Then pray.