PHOTOS: French Yeshiva Terror Attack Leaves 4 Dead R”L



French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday declared a shooting that left four dead outside a Jewish school to be a “national tragedy” and vowed to find the killer.

Visiting the scene of the killings in the southern city of Toulouse, Sarkozy announced a minute of silence in all French schools on Tuesday and said the state would throw its entire weight behind the investigation.

“We should not back down in the face of terror,” he said, his voice cracking as he paid tribute to the parents and school authorities. “Barbarism, savagery, hate must not win. The Republic is much stronger than that.

“You cannot murder children like this on the territory of the Republic without being held to account,” he said. “Today is a day of national tragedy.”

“I want to say to all the leaders of the Jewish community, how close we feel to them. All of France is by their side,” he said, adding that all Jewish and Muslim schools in the region would see increased security measures.

Sarkozy said his interior minister, Claude Gueant, would remain in Toulouse for as long as it takes to get to the bottom of a series of three shootings in the Toulouse area that he now believes are linked.

Children aged three, six and 10, and a 30-year-old religious education teacher were mown down as they arrived for class at the Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse, by a killer who arrived on a motorbike with two pistols.

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(Source: EJP)


  1. EnglishMasmid – Who cares? What’s the difference?? They are still neshamos that belong to Klal Yisroel.

    P.S. learn to spell.

  2. I don’t usually reply to articles, especially to foolish comments – are you sick (#1)? Four Jews were just murdered and all you care about is whether or not it was a yeshiva!

  3. Reply to Englishmasmid:
    even if your trying to make a point that yeshivas have siyata dishmaya we can’t pretend to understand hashems plans.,were Thier no yeshiva bochurim murdered in the halocaust . 4 jewish people were just killed ,families sitting shiva, tears being poured a jewish mother burying her child in her lifetime.could it be your comment is a little insensitive ?I

  4. To Englishmasmid……You have some serious growing up to do. If you are really a serious masmid, I would hit the mussar seforim….quickly.

  5. #1 ENGLISHMASMID: Your comment is the most tactless and insensitive entry in YWN history. Your thick-skinned personality is oozing with ignorance.

    Allow me to be repetitive: Parents grieve the loss of children, a mother and wife will not have her precious gems back home….

    I think you owe them a personal nichum and perhaps even a public appology the the entire community!

    People are presumed to be wise – until they open their mouths. Thanks for reinforcing that.

    I can go on and on – and on and on….But, I will not waste my time doing that. You’re just not worth it.

  6. Although I still don’t understand your repsonse #1, I apologize for the harsh and insensitive language, I should have been more respectful with my language such as yeshivishe raid (#4) was. I hope you grant me mechila. We need achdus in klal Yisroel right now, that’s what Hakadosh Baruch Hu wants more than anything.

  7. Guys, be Dan le’kaf zechus!
    #1 said its not a yeshiva. It’s a school. He didn’t say one is better than other. Just pointed out the error. I am sure he is sad just like us that four Jewish souls were murdered. No need to jump on him.
    We need to be united not to have machlokes. BD”E. my condolences to the families. HY”D bemhera!