WATCH THIS: Trump: No Politician In History Has Been Treated More Unfairly


President Donald Trump is telling graduates of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy that no other politician has been treated more unfairly by the media. But he says, “you cannot let them get you down.”

Trump is offering his advice at the academy’s commencement in Connecticut, telling the graduates that they will find that “things are not always fair.” But Trump says, “you have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight.”

The president says they can’t let the critics get in the way of their dreams.

Trump was speaking amid reports that he appealed to then FBI Director James Comey to shut down the bureau’s investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn earlier this year.

He made no mention of Comey in his speech.



  1. What a baby. This man is truly a spoiled child. Donald man up its time to take some responsibility for your actions.

    No president ever forced his press secretary to lie about the size of his inauguration, no president ever spread falsehoods about millions of illegal voters, no president ever lied that he had the largest electoral college victory – when he clearly didn’t, no president ever falsely accused his predecessor of wiretapping, no president ever sent his press team out to defend his firing of an FBI director and then undermined those supporting him in a TV interview the very next day. No president ever banned American photographers from an oval office meeting but allowed Russian photographers to stay and take pictures. No president ever kept on a national security advisor for weeks after being informed that the advisor was compromised by the Russians. Presidents do not normally leak highly classified information to the foreign minister of a foreign country, President do not normally try to interfere in ongoing investigations. The list can go on and on and this is all in just over 100 days. Trump is out of his league. He is clearly unfit to be president. He has no one to blame besides himself.

  2. President Trump is 100% right. He’s living on daily miracles. If not for the vast amount of Heavenly assistance he’s obviously receiving, thanks to his his Heavenly fear and prayers, he’d been dead before he even started.

    The US is so corrupt from the past 30 years of lawlessness, immorality and hefkeirus, they just don’t know how to handle honesty and integrity.

  3. The strange thing is that Donald Trump was the person everyone looked up to many years before he even thought of becoming POTUS. Even Obama back in 1991 praised Trump as the American Dream!!! An excerpt of Obama’s law school paper: “I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don’t make it my children will”.

    Trump must learn that although he is very smart and has the qualifications to make America great again, he has the devil every step of his way to hinder his goal. It will not go that easy after 30 years of lawlessness. He should just continue praying.

  4. What a baal gaiveh cry baby the degenerate draft dodger (traitor?) is. Being a lying crook opens you up to being treated as you deserve! Impeach and replace!

  5. But he is actually getting alot of this “great media treatment” because he is an outsider to the ways of Washington DC and he actually is trying to do what he promised and alot of what he believes in is against the Democratic Liberals who r only liberal in the “right” way
    The man was elected byt the American people – even if the media didn’t want him and wil continue fighting him
    Also here the left wing can’t stand it that Netanyahu keeps getting back in to ofiice and try all the time to find some kind f “crime” he did and most of the people in E Yisrael are sick of all these new “hot news” that ends up being NOTHING (and really who cares it he got expensive cigars and chanpagne from friends – really?)
    (not that I think the man is an angel – byt there is absolutely NO ONE else suitable and that is why he gets n again and again – Bederch HaTeva

  6. He’s not worse than other politicians, they were just able to hide and dress up their immaturity, selfishness and corruptness, and Trump does not. Even if you dont agree with what trump is doing, do not fool yourself into thinking that previous presidents and administrations did not knock off people who tried to get in their way, lie, make deals with countries much worse than Russia. There is US supreme court law passed before world war 2 allowing human eugenics, and then Germany gets funding from US foundations for their operations…I will stop here.

  7. In other words, the commentators above are saying, President Trump is immature for getting things done and not murdering people (like Clinton) and refusing to support mothers murdering their babies and not allowing terrorists to enter our country, while Liberals are mature for grieving for 7 months! their humongous loss. Just continue crying and kicking for the next 8 years or more.

    When was the last time – or first time – that the media said something positive about President Trump?

    Precisely because Trump is not a politician that he’s getting things done – everything he’d promised except, of course, for the things the liberal cry babies are hindering. Trump is a Real President and that is the problem. The Liberals are tremendously jealous of Trump’s accomplishments and siyatta Dishmaya B”H!