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Killer Of Adam Anhang H”YD Gets 105 Years

aa.jpgA restaurant worker convicted of murdering a Canadian executive in Puerto Rico was sentenced Thursday to 105 years in prison.

Jonathan Roman Riviera, 24, was sentenced Thursday for the murder of Winnipeg native Adam Anhang H”YD, 32, who was beaten and stabbed as he walked along the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan in September 2005.

However, Jonathan Roman Rivera, 24, continues to deny any role in the killing of Adam Anhang. Asked by Judge Abelardo Bermudez if he had any final remarks before sentencing, Roman replied simply: “I’m not involved in this.”

According to a memorial website dedicated to his memory, Adam Anhang H”YD was a wealthy real-estate developer, who gave lots of charity to Jewish organizations worldwide.

According to the Associated Press, the FBI believes that there are other people were involved in his murder.

(Sources: Winnipeg Sun / Houston Chronicle / CBC Canada)

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  1. The death penalty, with its complicated appeal process and estimated wait time in the same prison system, usually ends up being much more costly to the taxpayer than life without parole.

  2. The death penalty process should be streamlined, while still maintaining due process, and implemented swiftly.

    It is the only just punishment for murder (that he been fully proven.)

  3. There HAVE been cases in the past where convicted murderers have been put to death only to discover
    their innocence at a later date.

    The classical example was Bruno Hauptman, the alleged kidnapper in the Charles Lindburge case.He was put to death in the early 30’s, maintaining his innocence till the end. Years later , there were questions on whether or not he was in fact guilty!

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