Daily News Report: Epoxy Glue Caused Summer Steam Explosion


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steam.jpgAccording to a report in today’s Daily News, the cause for this summers horrific steam pipe explosion was caused by a small clump of epoxy.

At first it was believed a water leak or heavy rains were the cause of the blast which killed one woman and left two others critically burned as 400-degree steam spewed asbestos-laden debris over Midtown – as reported HERE on YW.

The report states that Con Ed crews pumped the epoxy into a nearby leak four months before the July blast. Apparently no one noticed that some of it seeped into the steam trap valve, which caused the explosion.

Because of the report, Con Ed says it’s changing the rules for fixing leaky pipes and for inspecting steam traps, and as a result of their investigation, Con Ed reports that it has replaced all 1,600 steel traps and instituted new testing procedures.

(Source: WCBSTV / NY Daily News)